POLICE ARREST ONE FOR TRYING TO RENT THAT WHICH HE DID NOT OWNAt about 3:05pm, on Friday June 26, 2009, officers from Area D-4 (South End) responded to a radio call for a person or persons trespassing at 587 Beacon Street. On arrival, officers spoke to the building manager who stated that there was a female trespassing inside one of the apartments. According to the building manger, when he asked the female to vacate the premise, the female stated that she was renting the apartment. The female stated to the officers that she knew the owner of the building and he had rented the apartment to her. The female/victim further stated that she had given the owner/suspect a down payment on the apartment on Tuesday, June 23, 2009. At that time, the victim says she gave the suspect $300.00. The victim also showed officers a set of keys that the suspect had given to her.
The victim further stated that the suspect had agreed to rent the apartment to her for $700.00 per month. After paying the initial down payment, the victim also agreed to pay the suspect the remainder of the $700.00 on the day she was to move in. According to the building manager, the person named by the victim as the owner of the building was, in fact, not the owner.
While officers were talking to the victim, the victim’s cell phone rang. The victim promptly stated to the officers that the call was from the suspect. Officers instructed the victim to set up a meeting with the suspect, during which the victim could pay the suspect the remainder of the money. As instructed, the victim asked the suspect to meet her in front of 587 Beacon Street. When the suspect showed up to claim his money, officers took the suspect into custody.
When he asked to explain his actions, the suspect stated he could not. Officers arrested Nicholas Toledo, 23, of Boston and charged him with Larceny by Scheme (Fraud).