POLICE CATCH TWO BREAKING INTO CARS IN THE SOUTH ENDAt about 12:16am, on Saturday, June 20, 2009, officers from Area D-4 (South End) responded to a radio call for two men breaking into cars in the area of Shawmut Ave and Union Park. The caller went on to say that the suspects were still sitting inside the car. While the caller was still on the line, the caller stated that a marked cruiser had just arrived on the scene. As officers were pulling up to the location, officers observed two suspects (two white males both wearing beige-colored hats and loose-fitting clothing) quickly exit the motor vehicle in an effort to flee the scene. After a brief foot pursuit and physical struggle, officers were able to subdue and apprehend both suspects. While officers were chasing the suspects, officers observed one of the suspects discard an object, which, once recovered, turned out to be a screwdriver. The screwdriver was recovered for evidentiary purposes. Upon a closer inspection of the motor vehicle, officers observed and made note of damage to the ignition, steering column and the passenger side door.
For identification purposes, both suspects were brought back to the scene of the incident. Once there, witnesses were able to positively identify both of the suspects.
Officers arrested Jason Ventolieri, 32, of Tewksbury and Andrew Honohan, 26, of Revere and charged both with Breaking & Entering a Motor Vehicle, Possession of Burglarious Tools and Resisting Arrest.
At about 2:55am, on Friday, June 19, 2009, officers from Area B-2 (Roxbury) responded to a radio call for two males fighting in the street in the area of 97 Hillside Street. On arrival, officers observed several City of Boston Recycling bins and their accompanying recyclables (plastic bottles, glass bottles, etc) strewn all about the street and sidewalk. According to the caller, he was awakened by several loud noises and, then, upon looking out his window, he observed two white males engaged in what appeared to be a physical altercation. Caller says he also observed one of the individuals picking up and throwing several recycling bins.
In short time, officers located two individuals who matched the description of the combatants. When officers approached the suspects, one of the suspects attempted to flee. When officers attempted to subdue the suspect, the suspect became increasingly belligerent and disrespectful towards the officers. Officers quickly observed that the suspect appeared to be under the influence of alcohol. After the suspect admitted to throwing the bins, officers arrested Ryan Huber, 21, of Boston and charged him with Disturbing the Peace and Disorderly Conduct.
The other suspect, who was less intoxicated but more cooperative, apologized to the officers and stated he was simply trying to get his friend home safely after a long night of libations.