The Stories People TellYesterday morning around 11:45AM, a detail officer was approached by the victim of a stolen car and told that the victim’s car had been stolen near the intersection of River and Harvard Streets with the keys in the ignition.
The detail officer broadcast a description of the car along with its direction of flight and it was located a short time later with the keys still in the ignition with the doors open. While standing by with the stolen car, officers were approached by a male who told officers that he was a friend of the owner of the vehicle and that he had seen the owner and had been given permission to drive the car back to him.
Officers then questioned the male about his relationship with the victim and determined that based on his story that he did not at all know the victim. The victim then went on to tell officers that he had “borrowed” the victim’s car to drive two elderly individuals home. The victim was then brought to the scene at which time, the suspect then told officers that he did not know the victim and that he indeed had taken the victim’s car without his permission. The victim examined his car and determined that there was no damage but noticed that his insulin was missing.
The suspect, Alonzo P. Scott, 21, of Hyde Park was arrested and charged with Larceny of a Motor Vehicle, Larceny from a Motor Vehicle and Operating a Motor Vehicle without Being Licensed.
B&E Suspect Doesn’t Get Too Far
Around 1:43PM yesterday, officers from District D-4 (South End) responded to a radio call for a breaking and entering in progress at the intersection of Milford and Bond Streets.
Shortly after the call, detail officers, based on the description given by the caller, stopped an individual matching the suspect description at 18 Hanson Street where the caller had also followed the suspect. The suspect was stopped and positively identified by the caller as the person that had been observed breaking into the car. The suspect, Michael Wallace, 32, of Everett was arrested and charged with Attempted B&E Motor Vehicle and Possession of Burglarious Tools.
During a search incident to arrest, officers found a change box that the victim confirmed was missing from his car along with a screwdriver, chisel and work gloves.
Botched Robbery Attempt Results in Suspect Receiving Laceration
Yesterday afternoon around 2:00PM, officers from District E-18 (Hyde Park) responded to a radio call for a person stabbed at Hyde Park High School located at 655 Metropolitan Ave. in Hyde Park.
On arrival, officers responded to the nurses’ office and there spoke to one of the parties that were involved in the incident. This individual, later identified as a suspect, had sustained a laceration on his forehead and told officers that he suffered the laceration while breaking up a fight. Officers then responded to the gym/weight room of the school and spoke to an individual, later identified as the victim. The victim told officers that he was sitting down in or near the gym area when he was approached by three suspects who started asking him questions. The victim further reported that during the time that he was being questioned the suspects started assaulting him and attempted to steal his cell phone. The victim then told officers during the assault he grabbed a scalpel type knife from his pocket and started swinging it in an attempt to defend himself from the assault and robbery leading to the suspect in the nurses’ office receiving a laceration to the forehead.
School administrators and teachers responded to the scene and separated the parties and called police. Officers located two independent witnesses who corroborated the victim’s story that he was confronted and assaulted in attempted robbery. Officers then located the other two suspects who also had gone to the nurses’ office suffering minor scrapes and bruises. Suspects, Tarrell Lymon, 17, of Boston and Denzel R. Florvil, 17, of Randolph were both arrested and charged with Unarmed Robbery. The third suspect will be summonsed to court due to the fact that he was transported to the hospital due to the laceration.
Probation and Police Team Up to Arrest Warrant Suspect
Last night around 7:00PM, officers from District B-2 (Roxbury) accompanied by probation officers from Roxbury District Court were conducting Operation Nightlite in the area of 25 Woodward Ave. in Roxbury when they observed an individual known to have several outstanding warrants exiting the residence.
Officers stopped the suspect and were able to confirm the existence of the outstanding warrants. The suspect, Bonae S. Swain-Price, 31, of Roxbury was arrested on outstanding warrants for Armed Robbery, and Violations of the Auto Law. Subsequent to the arrest and pursuant to a search incident to arrest, officers found two bags of crack cocaine on the suspect. Suspect was then additionally charged with Possession of Class B.