Message from the Police Commissioner

Speaking Points from Police Commissioner Ed Davis:
Despite substantial decreases in serious crime over the past two years, there remains a persistent and unacceptable problem in the use of guns that endangers our community.
It is outrageous that last night here in this very location, a three year old little boy while in his mother’s arms was struck with a bullet shot by a 16 year old with zero respect for human life. Thanks to our officers efforts specifically the members of the Bowdoin Safe Street Team that coward is right now where he belongs –incarcerated.
It is our intent that those perpetrators who share the same unabated willingness to participate in such violent firearm activity….will soon join the 16 year old, where these individuals belong…behind bars.
It is the men and women that are here before you today, in conjunction with many community partners, who are working tirelessly to stem gun violence. This year officers have made more than 250 firearm-related arrests and seized numerous firearms from city streets similar to the ones you see here before you today.
We are here today to share with our community the actions we are taking in response to an unacceptable recent increase in gun violence that has occurred in our community.
Mayor Menino and I are committed to immediately increasing visibility and patrols in areas most recently affected by firearm violence including Bowdoin Street, the Dudley Street area, Franklin Field, the Jackson Square area and the Norfolk Street area in Mattapan. Community members can immediately expect to see an increase in uniformed presence in and around their neighborhood.
The Boston Police Department in partnership with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies will execute a proactive warrant sweep specifically targeting fugitives who are wanted on drug and gang-related charges.
The sweep will utilize resources from Boston Police Youth Violence Strike Force, the Fugitive and Apprehension Team, the Boston Regional Intelligence Center, the Massachusetts State Police, the Parole Department, the Probation Department, the US Marshals and Boston Police Officers from the local District Stations.
I would like to express our thanks to these agencies for their ongoing support and efforts. This collaboration clearly highlights our joint commitment towards eradicating firearm activity and gang violence from city streets.
The goal of today’s announcement is to send a clear message to criminals that gun violence will not be tolerated in our community.
In addition to warrant sweeps and aggressive enforcement of impact players, the Boston Police Department is assertively undertaking the following initiatives to prevent further incidents:
• Community members will experience a significant increase of uniform presence.
• Homicide investigators are working around the clock to secure justice for the city’s homicide victims and their loved ones.
• The patrol force is closely monitoring the activity and whereabouts of known gang associates.
• Our intelligence unit along with state and federal partners are developing profiles of targets engaged in violent behavior.
• The Department and specialized units such as Crimestoppers will be proactively engaging community members by distributing anonymous Text-A-Tip pamphlets and keeping residents informed of ongoing efforts.
The Boston Police Department will not stand for illegal firearms on our streets or an individual’s determined readiness to use them.
Mayor Menino and I are here to reinforce to the community that we are taking every step necessary to punish the perpetrators responsible for these violent acts. We will not allow these cowards to derail our mission to reduce violence in the city of Boston.
Our officers are laser focused on their mission to eradicate firearm violence from our community. I am very proud of their hard work and the difference that they continue to make on behalf of all the decent people who live and work in our city’s neighborhoods.
We are calling on everyone in the community to play a role in reducing violence. Recently we have been encouraged by the brave community members taking a stand against these perpetrators. We must as a community heighten our resolve and continue that trend.
Through strong community partnerships and continued dogged police work we will achieve that goal.