Husband & Wife Arrested For Assaulting and Threatening Officers & EMT’s

On Saturday, April 11, at approximately 1:45am, Officers assigned to Area D-4 (South End), responded to the area of East Berkeley Street / Washington Street for a report of a fight.Upon arrival, Officers located a male lying on the ground, with a female standing over him. It was later learned that the two are husband and wife. Officers approached the two individuals and observed the male with facial injuries. The female became aggressive towards officers by yelling obscenities. Officers attempted to render first aid to the male victim but had difficulty doing so because of the females’ behavior. Both parties appeared to be intoxicated for their speech was slurred and they had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from their breath.
A witness informed officers that both subjects stepped into the roadway, stopping traffic, and began banging on the hood of one of the stopped vehicles. The occupant of the vehicle exited and was attacked by both subjects. A fight ensued before the victim was able to get back into his vehicle and leave prior to the arrival of the BPD.
Boston E.M.S. arrived on-scene and attempted to care for the male victim. He also became aggressive and belligerent. The female continued with her unacceptable behavior and hindered E.M.S. from caring for her husband. She was ordered to leave the immediate area several times but she refused. Her actions caused a large crowd to gather and motor vehicle traffic came to a stop. She was ultimately placed into custody.
While being cared for, the male subject, kicked, punched and spit on EMT’s and officers. One officer sustained a bloody nose and a split lip as a result of being kicked. The male subject was also placed into custody and transported to Boston Medical Center for treatment. While being treated at the hospital, the male subject continued to yell obscenities and spit at staff members. He also dug his fingernails into the hand of one of the nurses attempting to care for him.
Officers arrested Paul Brinkman, 36, of Hanover on the charges of Assault & Battery on a Police Officer with Injuries, Assault & Battery on an EMT (two counts) and Resisting Arrest. Also arrested, Heather Brinkman, 33, of Braintree on the charges of Disorderly Person and Threats to Commit a Crime. During the booking process, Heather Brinkman identified herself as a registered nurse at a local Boston Hospital and stated, “I hope your wives are never on my floor while I’m working…have you ever heard of a code blue”?