Observant Officers Catch B&E Suspect As He’s Pursued By Victim

On Tuesday, April 7, 2009, at approximately 11:10am, Officers assigned to Area D-4 (Back Bay / South End), responded to 199 Beacon Street for a report of a Breaking & Entering into a Dwelling in Progress. While en-route, officers received updated information describing the suspect as well as informing them that the homeowner was chasing the suspect.Responding officers observed an individual fitting the description enter a taxi on St. James Avenue with another male in pursuit. Officers positioned their cruiser in a manner that hindered the taxi from leaving the area. Officers approached the taxi on foot and ordered the suspect from the rear of the vehicle. The suspect initially refused to comply and forced the officers to physically remove him in order to place him into custody.
Officers spoke with the victim and learned he was within his 199 Beacon Street residence when he observed the suspect looking around the building in a suspicious manner. Shortly thereafter, the victim was sitting on his sofa when his door opened and the suspicious male “looked in”. The suspect fled the apartment building after noticing the victim within the apartment. The victim immediately gave chase and confronted the suspect in front of the building. The suspect stated he was looking for someone else in the building before running away. The victim continued to give chase and monitored the suspects whereabouts until BPD officers apprehended him.
The taxi driver informed officers that the suspect jumped into his cab and stated, “Just go”. The driver went on to state that he already had a fare in the backseat at the time. The driver exited his vehicle for the suspect entering his cab alarmed him.
Officers arrested John Maloney, 54, of Brookline on the charges of Breaking & Entering a Dwelling House During the Day.