Officers Encounter Distraught Female Running Down StreetOn Monday, April 6, 2009, at approximately 11:17pm, Officers assigned to Area B-2 (Roxbury), observed a distraught female running down Dudley Street. Officers spoke with the female (18), who was crying and not wearing any shoes, and learned that she was just assaulted by her father with a knife. Officers learned the suspect became enraged after his children were still using the computer at such a late hour.
Officers then traveled to 6 Greenville Street in order to investigate the matter further. Upon arrival, they were allowed entry by one of the children. Once inside, they located the suspect’s wife hiding in one of the bedrooms. Officers announced their presence and the female emerged from the room. Officers were informed that the suspect was angry because the children were not in bed, but still using the computer. He then retrieved a knife and assaulted his Eighteen-Year-old daughter with it.
Officers learned that the suspect had locked himself in his bedroom and refused come out after numerous requests by officers. Officers attempted to gain entry into the room and discovered the door to be blocked by bedroom furniture. Officers were able to force their way into the room and encountered the suspect. The suspect was aggressive towards officers and took a “fighting stance” with a clinched fist. Officers were able to subdue the suspect and take him into custody.
Officers arrested Victor Ortiz, 51, of Boston on the charges of Assault & Battery by means of a Dangerous Weapon (knife).
Suspect Assaults Officers After Attempting To Gain Entry Into Apartment
On Monday, April 7, 2009, at approximately 7:20pm, Officers assigned to Area B-3 (Mattapan), responded to 139 Spencer Street for a report of a man banging on an apartment door.
Upon arrival, Officers ascended the staircase to the third floor and located a Black Male outside of the caller’s apartment. Officers confronted the subject and ordered him to take his hands out from his pants pockets. The suspect refused to obey the officers’ orders and became verbally abusive and aggressive towards them. Fearing that the suspect may have a weapon, Officers attempted to conduct a pat-frisk of the suspect. The suspect knocked the officer’s hands down and backed away from them. As the officers approached the suspect, he took hold of one of the officer’s shirt with both hands. A struggle ensued and the suspect continued to swing at officers. The suspect was ultimately placed into custody and a black and silver knife was located within his pants pocket. Officers also located a plastic bag containing, what officers recognized to be, Marijuana.
Officers arrested Michael Delere Thomas, 18, of Boston on the charges of Assault & Battery on a Police Officer, Resisting Arrest and Carrying a Dangerous Weapon (knife). Mr. Thomas was also issued a civil violation for Possession of Marijuana.
A look at the last 24 hours in Boston, from Monday, April 6, 2009 through 10am, Tuesday, April 7, 2009 (See recent Daily Incident summaries and earlier postings for more detailed descriptions of some of the incidents identified below).
Homicides: 0
Non-fatal Shootings: 1
Non-fatal Stabbings: 0
Street Robberies: 4
Commercial Robberies: 0
Bank: 0
Other: 1
Vehicle Thefts: 10
Vehicle Recoveries: 4
Breaks: 18
Residential Break-ins: 8
Commercial Break-ins: 2

Note: the information above is preliminary information, and should not be considered official crime statistics. The information is based on an initial review of incident reports and may not be a comprehensive listing of events. It is not a statistical analysis, but rather an initial tally of significant events. Some of the incidents included may be covered in more detail in other blog postings