POOR FAN BEHAVIOR LEADS TO THREE ARRESTS INSIDE BOSTON GARDENAt about 8:17pm, on Monday, March 23, 2009, an officer performing a paid detail during the Boston Celtics game observed three individuals causing or creating a disturbance inside the Boston Garden. Specifically, the officer observed the individuals verbally disrespecting and disparaging security personnel from the Garden. According to the security personnel, the suspects began swearing and yelling at a photographer employed at the Garden. The suspects were demanding that the photographer take their picture and when, according to them, the photographer refused, the suspects proceeded to verbally berate and disrespect him.
When officers asked the suspects to produce or provide identification, the suspects refused and attempted to walk away from the officers. When officers attempted to stop the suspects, one of the suspects yelled, “Get your (expletive) hands off me. I know my rights.” As the suspects continued to swear and yell, officers observed young children in the immediate area. Officers arrested suspect #1 (Kelly) and suspect #2 (Andrews). While officers were in the process of arresting suspects #1 and #2, suspect #3 (Lavey) was instructed to leave the area. However, instead of leaving the area, suspect #3 stood his ground and stated, “If you’re going to arrest my friends, then you’re gonna have to arrest me.”
Officers arrested Shawn Lavey, 17, of Braintree and charged him with Disturbing Peace.
Officers arrested James Kelly, 17, of Braintree and Robert Andrews, 17, Braintree and charged both with Resisting Arrest and Disturbing the Peace.