FEELING BLUE OUTSIDE THE HOUSE OF BLUESOn Friday, March 20, 2009 at approximately 8:15pm, officers were performing a paid detail in the area of the House Of Blues located at 15 Lansdowne Street when they observed two individuals acting in a disruptive and disorderly fashion. According to employees of the establishment, the two individuals were asked to leave the building due to their belligerent behavior. Specifically, the two individuals, while inside the establishment, were seen pushing and knocking patron’s drinks out of their hands.
Upon being told they couldn’t re-enter the establishment, the two individuals began yelling, screaming and demanding their money back. When officers intervened and asked the individuals to calm down, the suspects instead chose to verbally disrespect and disparage the officers. Officers noted and observed that both of the individuals appeared to be intoxicated. On several occasions, officers asked and instructed the individuals to leave the area. However, instead of leaving, the individuals continued to swear and yell at the officers. At one point, the suspects were heard referring to the officers as ‘Nazis’.
Officers arrested Ben Yelle, 34, of New Hampshire and Kyle Denny, 36, of Connecticut and charged both with Being Disorderly.