A-1 OFFICERS NAB ‘WANTED’ ARMED ROBBERY SUSPECTThis morning officers from A-1 (Downtown) nabbed a suspect wanted in connection with the armed robbery of Ultra Diamonds at 285 Washington Street on March 5, 2009.
Yesterday on March 19, 2009 officers in the area of 91 Causeway Street observed an individual who fit the description of the suspect described in the above incident. Based on that encounter, detectives were able to go and provide a photo array to witnesses. After viewing the photo array, witnesses positively identified the suspect as the individual responsible for robbing the jewelry store. At that time, detectives applied for and were granted an arrest warrant for Armed Robbery and Threats.
This morning at the A-1 District roll call, officers were informed of the outstanding warrant and were each provided a ‘WANTED’ poster for this individual. Soon thereafter, officers out on patrol observed an individual fitting the description. Officers approached the suspect with ‘WANTED’ poster in hand. The suspect looked at the flyer and then stated ‘That’s me on the wanted poster.”
Officers did arrest 44 year old Neil Finn for armed robbery and threats to commit a crime.