The Boston Police Department is pleased to announce that this year’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade was conducted in a successful manner as thousands attended and enjoyed the festivities. Officers made 13 arrests and issued 400 citations for drinking in public. These citations carry a $200.00 fine.Officers were assigned to the parade and the areas around the parade route to ensure a safe, family-oriented celebratory environment. The Boston Police would like to express their gratitude to the many individuals and families who enjoyed the celebration in a responsible manner. Boston Police would also like to extend our thanks to the media for assisting with our efforts to spread the message to “Celebrate Responsibly”.
During the course of the parade, officers arrested the following individuals with offenses ranging from Minor in Possession of Alcohol to Assault and Battery on a Police Officer.
1. Justin P. Talago, 21, of Roxbury- Assault and Battery on a Police Officer
2. Molley Bailey, 21, of South Boston- Disorderly Conduct
3. Daniel A. Jacques, 29, of Salem- Assault and Battery on a Police Officer (spitting on an officer)
4. Anthony Fonttz, 26, of Natick- Disorderly Conduct
5. Colleen O’Brian Iagulli, 18, of Newton-Drinking in Public, and Minor in Possession of Alcohol
6. A 16-year-old from South Boston-Assault and Battery by Means of a Dangerous Weapon
7. Terence M. Mayo, Jr. 20, of Milton-Providing a False Name to Police Officers, Drinking Alcoholic Beverage in Public, and Possession of Alcohol by a Person under 21
8. Jarrod M. Menslage, 20, of Plymouth- Disorderly Conduct
9. Patrick J. Dempsey, Jr., 19, of Weymouth-Possession of Alcohol by Person Under 21
10. Peter J. O’Brien, 20, of Mashpee- Possession of Alcoholic By Person Under 21
11. Thomas B. Berry,17, of South Boston-Assault and Battery
12. Mark W. Cote, 19, of New Hampshire- Disorderly Conduct
13. Donald W. McHenry, 22, of Stoughton- Disorderly Conduct
The above listed individuals will all be arraigned in South Boston District Court today.