Right Place, Right Time…Suspect Arrested!Last night around 9:11PM, officers from District B-3 (Mattapan) were on patrol in the area of Greenwood St. when they observed an individual walking from the back yard of one of a house at 8B Greenwood St. carrying a plastic bag in one hand and a wooden stick in the other.
Officers, knowing that the houses in the area under construction had been broken into several times in the last couple of months, stopped the suspect to conduct a threshold inquiry. As officers stopped their cruiser and started to approach the suspect, the suspect quickly crossed the street and discarded the bag he had in his hand in the side yard of a house across the street and walked towards officers. Officers, noting that the suspect had a screwdriver in his back pocket, conducted a pat frisk of the suspect. The suspect explained to officers that he was just relieving himself in the back yard of the house he had been seen exiting. Officers questioned the suspect as to where he had gotten the piece of wood in his hand and he was very defensive about what he was doing in the back of the house. Officers then retrieved the bag that the suspect had discarded on the side of the house, and discovered that it had power drill.
Officers then went to the back of the house that the suspect first been seen exiting, and there discovered that the back glass sliding door had significant damage with the glass door shattered. In addition, officers observed a large rock inside the house and damage to the countertops and cabinets. The suspect, George Bostick, 59, of Dorchester was arrested and charged with Breaking and Entering a Building in the Nighttime, Possession of Burglarious Tools, Receiving Stolen Goods, Malicious Destruction of Property and Trespassing.
“Borrowing” Car Leads to Arrest for Car Theft
This morning around 12:28AM, officers from District D-14 (Allston/Brighton) were on patrol in the area of Washington St. and Academy Hill Rd. when they observed a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed without any headlights on.
Officers followed the car and conducted a traffic stop across from Brighton District Court. Officers approached the operator and asked for his license and registration. The operator handed officers his license and when again questioned about the registration stated he didn’t have it. Officers then asked the operator who the car belonged to and he responded that he didn’t know. Officers then questioned the operator and passenger as to how they got the key for the car and they stated that they had found the key in the console. Officers then asked the suspects if the owner knew they had the car and they replied that the owner did not know that they had taken the car. The suspect operator went on to state that he had taken the car and was going to drive the passenger home and return the car.
Officers responded to the owner’s house and spoke to the owner who told them that she had not given anyone permission to use her car not was she aware that her car was gone.
The victim was transported to the suspect’s location where she stated that she did not recognize either of the occupants of her car. The suspects, Major Ryan, 22, and Matthew Stepanski, 20, both of Brighton were arrested and charged with Breaking and Entering a Motor Vehicle in the Night and Larceny of a Motor Vehicle.