Guns & Crack Cocaine Located During Search WarrantBack in January of 2009, BPD detectives learned of an illegal crack cocaine distribution operation emanating out of 22 Larchmont Street, Dorchester. Detectives launched an investigation and learned the target of this illegal operation was a black male, known only as “Jizz”. BPD detectives continued to investigate and discovered the targets true identity to be Gregory Roberson. Detectives were issued a search warrant for 22 Larchmont Street related to their investigation.
On Friday, March 6 2009 BPD detectives set up surveillance of 22 Larchmont Street and observed “Jizz” walking out of his apartment. Mr. Roberson was stopped and entry was made into his 22 Larchmont Street residence.
A search was then conducted that produced an amount of crack cocaine in excess of 14 grams, several scales (commonly used in a cocaine distribution operation), a .380 caliber semi-automatic firearm, numerous .380 rounds of ammunition, a .22 caliber-revolver firearm and numerous .22 caliber rounds of ammunition.
Officers arrested Gregory Roberson, 44, of Boston on the charges of Trafficking a Class B Substance (cocaine) over 14 Grams, Trafficking a Class B Substance (cocaine) Within 1000 feet of a School Zone, Illegal Possession of a Firearm (2 counts) and illegal Possession of Ammunition.
Note to Car Thieves…Turn Your Lights On!
On Saturday, March 7, 2009, at approximately 12:56am, officers assigned to Area E-13 (J.P.), were patrolling the area of Columbus Avenue when they observed a vehicle traveling without its lights on. Officers traveled behind the suspect vehicle and activated their lights and siren in order to conduct a motor vehicle stop for the headlight violation.
Officers approached the vehicle on foot and requested the operator’s license and registration. The driver replied, ‘I don’t have a driver’s license”. The passenger then informed officers, “This isn’t my car”. The officers then conducted a check through the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles on the operator’s license and the vehicle’s registration. The result of the check showed both subjects were being honest, the operator did not have a valid license and the vehicle did not belong to them. In fact, the vehicle was reported stolen.
Officers arrested Paul Edwards, 39, of Boston on the charges of Receiving a Stolen Motor Vehicle and Operating a Motor Vehicle After License Suspension. Also arrested, Stephen Spanoghe, 45, of Hyannis on the charges of Receiving a Stolen Motor Vehicle.`