Woman’s Parked Vehicle Stolen While Placing Children in StrollerOn Thursday, March 5, 2009, at approximately 5:20pm, Officers assigned to Area D-4 (South End), responded to 690 Tremont Street for a report of a Larceny of Motor Vehicle.
Officers arrived on-scene and located a Female victim who states she parked her car on the side of Tremont Street in order to remove her two young children from the vehicle and place them in a baby stroller. While doing so, two unknown Males got into her running vehicle and fled down Tremont Street. The young children were already out of the vehicle and no injuries were sustained at that time.
The victim immediately phoned 911 to report the incident. The victim was then proceeding to BPD District 4 when she observed her vehicle traveling down Rutland Square towards Tremont Street. The victim stepped out towards the vehicle and yelled to the driver, “Give me my car back”. The car thief then opened the driver’s side door, striking the victim with it, as he passed by. The vehicle then proceeded onto the sidewalk and traveled down Tremont Street before turning onto Massachusetts Avenue.
Numerous officers gathered in the general area and were able to locate the vehicle on Massachusetts Avenue near Pompell Street. The victim was transported to the area of the car stop and she was able to identify the operator and the front seat passenger as the people who stole her vehicle. Officers arrested Raul Garcia, 40, of Boston on the charges of Larceny Of a Motor Vehicle and Assault & Battery by Means of a Dangerous Weapon (car door). Also arrested, Stephen Mcaskill Jr., 35, of Boston on the charges of Larceny of a Motor Vehicle. A female was also located in the rear of the vehicle, she was identified as: Megan Dooley, 40, of Boston and will face charges of receiving a Stolen Motor.
What Not To Do If Your Pulled Over by the Police
On Thursday, March 5, 2009, at approximately 6:00pm, Officers assigned to Area B-3 (Mattapan), were patrolling the area of Blue Hill Avenue when they observed a motor vehicle make an illegal right hand turn. Officers conducted a traffic stop on the suspect vehicle on Babson Street near Mildred Avenue. Officers approached the vehicle on foot on were greeted by the operator, by sticking his head out of the window, and stating, “Why are you stopping me, your F’ing racist’. The officer explained to him that he did not properly signal his turn and asked for his license and registration. The operator refused to supply his license and registration and continued to state, “F you man”. The officer explained to the operator that if his behavior continued he would be subject to arrest for failure to comply with a police officer. The operator still refused to hand over his license and registration and the officer was forced to call additional officers to the scene to assist.
Upon back-up officers arrival, the operator was asked to exit the vehicle. Again, he refused. The operator eventually stepped from the vehicle and was placed into custody. He attempted to pull away from officers and continued to yell racial slurs. Due to the suspects’ unruly behavior, numerous individuals gathered to watch him.
As a result of an inventory search, an open bottle of Red Stripe beer was located as well as a hammer, wrapped in a t-shirt. Based on the officers training & experience, it was believed the hammer could be utilized in the commission of B&E’s. The suspect continued to state to officers, “Wait until you take these cuffs off…you F’d with the wrong dude”. The suspects parting words for the arresting officers: “Wait until I see you on the street without that gun on your hip”.
Officers arrested Leslie Neblett, 35 of Waltham on the charges of Possession of a Dangerous Weapon (knife greater than 2.5 inches), Disturbing the peace, Possession of Bulgarious Tools (hammer), Refusal to Submit to a Police Officer and Resisting Arrest.