Two Suspects not Slippery Enough to Get AwayYesterday around 3:55PM, officers from District C-6 (South Boston) responded to 423 West Broadway St./CVS for a larceny in progress.
On arrival, officers spoke to store employees/witnesses who reported that they observed the two suspects enter the store, open a large plastic bag and start to put Oil of Olay beauty skin care products in the bag. The suspects then walked out of the store without even attempting to pay for the products. The two suspects were stopped shortly after exiting the store and brought back to the store. In the store, the two suspects were determined to have stolen items in excess of $400.00.
Suspect, Neville E. Jenkins, 41, also of Boston was arrested and charged with Larceny Shoplifting over $250.00 in addition to outstanding warrants for Shoplifting while a second suspect was summonsed for Shoplifting.
Motor Vehicle Accident at 479 Broadway Street
Yesterday afternoon around 4:46PM, officers from District C-6 (South Boston) responded to 479 West Broadway Street for a motor vehicle accident during which a car had struck a building.
On arrival, officers observed that a minivan had struck the front of Magoo’s Pizza. The operator of the car was incoherent and as a result Boston Fire Department units had break his window to gain access to him. The operator, based on preliminary medical assessment, had suffered a medical event and was transported to Boston Medical Center for further assessment and treatment. Officers poke to witnesses who reported that they had observed the operator, who did not appear to be alert, travel from East Broadway toward West Broadway and strike the pizza store.
No individuals were hurt during this incident and the building sustained minimal structural damage.
Officers “Hit the Lottery” with Traffic Stop
This morning around 3:44AM, officers from District B-3 (Mattapan) were on patrol in the area of Glenway and Harvard Streets when they observed a speeding motor vehicle.
Officers followed the car and conducted a traffic stop at the intersection of Harvard and Spencer Streets. During the traffic stop, officers learned that the operator was unlicensed by virtue of a restriction on his license. The operator was placed under arrest for Operating a Motor Vehicle without Being Licensed. During a search of the suspect incident to lawful arrest, officers found that the suspect had approximately 150 unscratched lottery tickets on his person. During a further inventory search of the suspect’s motor vehicle, officers recovered several other stacks of unscratched lottery tickets, cigarette boxes, an envelope and box from a local store and several items consistent with burglarious tools.
Further investigation of the found items and the address on the box and envelope found in the suspect’s car lead officers to find out that the store had been broken into the night before. In addition, to the above-mentioned items, officers also found several phones that appeared to have been stolen, several knives considered to be dangerous in Massachusetts.
The suspect, Gardy Lamarre, 18, of Randolph was arrested and charged with Operating a Motor Vehicle without Being Licensed, Speeding, Receiving Stolen Property, Possession of Burglarious Tools, and Possession of a Dangerous Weapon.
This incident remains under investigation.
Four Arrested for Attempted Larceny from Motor Vehicle
Early this morning around 4:12AM, officers from District E-5 (West Roxbury) arrested suspects, Christopher Rivas, 18, of Roxbury, Elvin M. Brea, 18, of Hyde Park, Katherine Marmanillo, 20, of Jamaica Plain and Christy M. Sanchez, 21, of Hyde Park and charged them with Larceny from a Motor Vehicle over $250.00, and Possession of Burglarious Tools.
The arrest of the above suspects was preceded by a call to 911 for a larceny in progress at 60 Potomac Street. On arrival, officers observed the two of the suspects entering a car occupied by the two other suspects. Officers detained the three suspects pending an investigation into the call. Officers then spoke to a witness who reported observing the two suspects who were entering the car trying to remove tires from a parked car. The witness further reported that after several minutes of observing the actions of the suspects, then saw them retreat to the waiting car with one holding/hiding something under his shirt that appeared to be a car jack.
Officers walked down the street and located the car that the suspects were attempting to steal the tires, and noted that several of the lug nuts had been removed and were laying in the vicinity of the car. Officers then conducted threshold inquiry of the suspects based on the information gathered and one of the suspects admitted to removing the lug nuts from the car. The suspects were placed under arrest and during an inventory search of the suspects’ car, officers recovered two cinder blocks, a hydraulic car jack and a tire iron.