OUI Arrested Going the Wrong WayAt approximately 8:25PM last night, officers from District C-11 (Dorchester) were leaving a call on when they were observed a motor vehicle going the wrong way on Corona St. while blocked by oncoming traffic.
Officers quickly responded to the scene, and there were directed to the car going the wrong way that they reported had already struck several parked cars and was trying to flee the scene. Officers responded to the driver side of the suspect motor vehicle and opened the car door to speak to the operator. Officers were immediately struck with a strong odor of alcohol on opening the car door. Officers asked the operator to get out of the car and as she did so they noted that she was unsteady on her feet such that she had to be supported to maintain her balance. When speaking to officers the operator spoke incoherently and continued to emanate a strong odor of alcohol from her breath. Officers then observed three open containers of alcohol in the suspect’s car.
Officers then spoke to witnesses and victim on scene who reported that the suspect motor vehicle initially drove down Geneva Ave. and struck two different cars and kept going after rear ending one and clipping the other car’s side view mirror. According to the victims, the suspect then attempted to drive away driving up a one-way street until she was blocked by oncoming traffic.
Based on their observation of the suspect, officers made the determination that the suspect’s ability to safely drive had been substantially compromised by virtue of alcohol consumption. Officers arrested the suspect, Ramona R. Cruz, 36, of Dorchester and charged her with Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol. The suspect’s vehicle was towed and officers later learned that her car was uninsured, unregistered and the plates were attached, and that she did not have a license. The suspect was subsequently charged with Operating an Uninsured and Unregistered Motor Vehicle, Attaching Plates and Operating a Motor Vehicle without Being Licensed.
On arrival at the station, the suspect was belligerent, refused to cooperate with booking, and urinated on the floor of the cell.
Be Careful Whose (False) Name You Give to Police Officers
About 8:50PM last night officers arrested a 16-year-old male juvenile suspect from Dorchester and charged him Operating a Motor Vehicle without Being Licensed.
Officers were at the intersection of Dorchester Ave. and Hoyt St. when they observed a car fail to stop for the red light. Officers conducted a traffic stop and during that stop the driver told officers that he only had a learner’s permit. The driver then handed officers a temporary license. Officers queried the temporary license handed to them on the Mobile Data Terminal and learned that the driver had outstanding warrants for his arrest. Upon being told of the outstanding warrants for his arrest, the driver then gave officers his true name. The driver was then arrested for the above offense of driving without being licensed.
Guns and Drugs…Will Get You Time
Last night around 10:12PM, officers from District B-3 (Mattapan) were on patrol when they conducted a traffic stop of a car with defective equipment (brake light) at the intersection of Harvard St. and Harvard Park.
Officers approached the car and one spoke to the driver while the other officer approached the passenger side. The operator told officers that he did not have a license to drive, but only had a permit. While speaking to the passenger, officers detected strong odor of fresh marijuana and asked the passenger to step out of the car. As the passenger exited the car he stated to officers that he had some marijuana on his person and stared removing a plastic bag from his coat pocket. Officers then performed a search of the passenger during which they recovered six individually wrapped plastic bags of a substance believed to be crack cocaine. Officers then asked the suspect if he had anything on him to which he did not respond. Officers then continued their search of the suspect and as they continued the search recovered a loaded gun from the suspect’s pocket.
The passenger, Tisean P. Jones, 20, of Roxbury was placed under arrest and charged with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, Possession of a Stolen Firearm (the firearm had been reported stolen), Possession of Class B, Possession with intent to Distribute Class B, Possession of Class B with intent to Distribute Class B in a School Zone, Possession of Class D, Possession of Class D with intent to Distribute, and Possession of Class D with to Distribute Class D in a School Zone. The operator, Verlyn T. Jones, 24, of Lynn was arrested and charged with Operating a Motor Vehicle without Licensed, and Defective Equipment.