Vigilant Officers Apprehend Two ThievesOn Friday, January 30, 2009, at approximately 10:49am, officers assigned out of Area B-2 (Roxbury) were patrolling the area of Calumet Street when they observed two suspicious individuals on the property of 162 Calumet Street.
Officers approached the two individuals in order to investigate their activity. It was noted that both parties appeared to be nervous and in possession of two bicycles. Officers asked if they lived in the house, to which they stated, “no”. The suspects went on to state that they saw the bicycles in the yard and thought they were “junk” and decided to take them. It should be noted that the bicycles were chained and had a combined value in excess of Eight-Hundred-Dollars. Officers also observed the suspects to be in possession of a black bag that contained a pair of bolt cutters. Upon further inspection of the property, officers discovered a section of the fence to be cut as well as the basement door kicked in.
Officers arrested Carlton Curtis Spence, 46, of Boston and Alphonso Dawson, 42, of Boston. Both parties were charged with Breaking & Entering (daytime) With Intent To Commit a Felony, Larceny Over $250 & Possession Of Burglarious Tools (bolt cutters).
Suspect Arrested After Stabbing and Barricading Self
Late last night around 11:53PM, officers from District C-11 (Dorchester) responded 1544 Dorchester Ave. for a man with a knife. While en route, officers were further advised that the call had been updated to reflect that the same suspect was now trying to kill a woman and her children.
On arrival, a woman who was screaming hysterically immediately approached officers and exclaimed, “Hurry and get upstairs before he kills them!!” Officers immediately opened the front door and observed two men near the second floor landing wrestling with each other, with one armed with a knife apparently stabbing the other male.
Officers quickly approached the two and ordered the suspect to let go of the knife but the suspect refused, telling officers, “Kill me, just kill me!” Officers now fearing for the victim’s life and in order to prevent further onslaught on the victim approached the suspect all the while giving verbal orders to the suspect. As officers neared the suspect, the victim was able to pull the knife from the suspect at which point the suspect fled up the stairs toward the third floor. Once on the third floor, the suspect went in and locked the door behind him.
At that time, officers learned that there were three children inside the house with the suspect as he yelled to officers, “Stay out or I’ll kill the kids!” Officers continued to speak to the suspect and after a while were able to convince the suspect to release two of the children in the apartment. After the two children were released, the suspect continued to threaten to harm the third child if officers attempted to go in the apartment. Officers continued to talk to the suspect and after some time, he agreed that he would let the third child go if he was allowed to speak to his mother. The suspect’s mother responded to his location and after a lengthy discussion convinced him to release the third child. Shortly thereafter, the suspect surrendered and was placed under arrest.
Officers then interviewed the victims and learned that the suspect who is known to them was over their house earlier in the night and that he had been hanging out with the stabbing victim (victim #1). At some point during the night, the victim #1 left to get some food and while he was gone, the suspect returned to the house angry alleging that victim #1 had hung up the phone on him. The suspect demanded that she call victim #1 and then pulled out a knife from his pocket and threatened to kill her, alleging that someone was going to die tonight. The other victim then attempted to leave at which point, the suspect lunged at her and she was able to run out of the back door and out of the house. Victim #1 told officers that after he received the phone call, he immediately returned to the house and was confronted by the armed suspect who opened the door and attacked him. Victim #1 reported that he wrestled with the suspect in an attempt to take the knife from him but was stabbed during the struggle.
The suspect, Lazelle L. Williams, 22, of Boston was arrested and charged with Assault and Battery by Means of a Dangerous Weapon (knife), Kidnapping, Threats, Assault by Means of a Dangerous Weapon (knife), Home Invasion, and Assault with Intent to Murder.
On-Line Prostitution Lands One in Jail
Pursuant to a Craigslist posting, the Boston Police Human Trafficking Unit conducted an investigation into sexual exploitation.
As a result of information received, an officer working in an undercover capacity contacted an advertisement under Boston Craigslist for erotic services. The undercover officer spoke to a female voice over the phone who in exchange for cash offered sexual services and set up an appointment with the undercover to meet her at 39 Deering Rd. in Mattapan. After setting the appointment with the female over the phone, several other conversations took place during which the time, place and services were confirmed with the same female voice.
At the established time, the undercover officer arrived at 39 Deering Rd. and called the previously established number, which was picked up by the same female who told the officer that she was across the street. The undercover officer walked across the street and met the female in front of 40 Deering Road. The undercover approached the suspect at which point the suspect asked, “Are you a cop?” The undercover officer answered yes and displayed his badge. Officers again called the number they had been calling all day and it rang to the suspect’s phone.
The suspect, Sara Petit, 20, of Fall River was arrested and charged with Prostitution.