POLICE ARREST FOUR SUSPECTS WANTED IN CONNECTION WITH THE BEATING OF TWO INDIVIDUALS At about 2:15am, on Friday, December 5, 2008, officers from Area A-1 (Downtown) responded to a radio call for to investigate a fight in the area of North & Union Streets. On arrival, officers observed and located two victims: (1) an unconscious male lying on the ground, (2) a conscious male with a bloodied, broken nose. Both individuals were transported to Mass General Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. According to witnesses, a white limo pulled up to the victims and five to six individuals exited the car and proceeded to punch and kick the victims. Witnesses say the suspects then re-entered the limo and fled the area. Witnesses were able to provide officers with the plate number attached to the limousine. Officers promptly broadcast a description of the limo and its plate number over the police radio. In short time, the car was located and stopped by an officer performing a paid detail in the area of Soldiers Field Road.
With the car stopped, officers asked the operator of the limo to explain where the car was coming from. To which, the operator stated, ”I was parked on Union Street. My passengers jumped into the limo and I drove off.” Officers instructed the occupants of the limo to exit the motor vehicle. Officers quickly noted that four of the occupants appeared as if they had been involved in some sort of physical altercation. Specifically, officers observed and noted that the suspects in question had among other things: bloodied, swollen knuckles, ripped clothing and clothing with blood on it. A search of the car enabled officers to locate a pair of brass knuckles.
Officers arrested James King, 26, of Middletown, RI; Chris Kilroy, 26, of Newport, RI; Dewey Guntar, 25, of Charlestown, RI and Jeremy Schmidt, 29, of Amesbury and charged all four with Assault & Battery by Means of Dangerous Weapon.