Armed Robbery Suspects ArrestedAround 7:49PM last night, Monday, 11/1/08, officers from District C-11 (Dorchester) responded to 820 Morrissey Blvd. for an armed robbery.
On arrival, officers were met by the victim and his father. The victim reported to officers that he was walking on Freeport St. when he noticed four Asian males following him. The victim stated that he attempted to escape from the suspects but they chased him, and surrounded him. According to the victim, once the suspects surrounded him, one of them pulled out a knife and demanded that he give them everything he had on him. The victim reported that the suspects went through his pockets after he gave them his cell phone then they fled on foot in the direction of Morrissey Boulevard.
While officers were on scene with the victim, they were notified by security at Boston Bowl that they might possibly have two of the suspects. Officers responded there and the victim was able to positively identify one of the two males as one of the suspects that robbed him. Officers then broadcast a description of the remaining suspects. A short time after the broadcast, officers located three individuals matching suspects’ description at the intersection of Victory Rd. and Everdeen Street. The suspects were transported to the victim’s location where they were all positively identified. Consequently, the suspects, two 16-year-old male juvenile suspects, a 13-year-old male juvenile, and a 15-year-old male juvenile suspect, all of Dorchester were arrested and charged with Armed Robbery.
Robbery Suspects Arrested
Last night around 9:06PM, officers from the District C-11 (Dorchester) Bowdoin/Geneva Ave. Safe Street Team were responded to a radio call to Bowdoin St. and Geneva Ave. for a robbery.
Officers responded to 218 Bowdoin St. and there met with the victim. The victim told officers that he was just robbed by a group of four males and a female who fled down Bowdoin St. after robbing him. The victim further elaborated by telling officers that he was walking on Bowdoin St. toward Geneva Ave. when he noticed the suspects approaching from the same side. The victim stated that when he got close to the group they demanded of him where he was from and what he had on his person. The victim stated that he responded that he was not from anywhere and that he had no money at which point the suspects surrounded him and started rifling through his pockets. According to the victim, the suspects then robbed him of twenty-five dollars ($25) and fled but not before the suspects exchanged comments exclaiming about the victim, “He’s broke as a joke!”
Officers placed the victim in their cruiser and drove around to see if they find the suspects. As officers drove on Bowdoin St., the victim indicated to officers that he could see the group of suspects walking further down the street. Officers stopped the group of individuals identified as the suspects and detained to see if the victim could individually identify them. The victim positively identified all five stopped suspects, Jeffrey S. Jones, 19, of Dorchester, Andre T. Love, 19, of Dorchester, Kamal M. Charles, 18, of Dorchester, Eugene Brown, 20, of Roxbury, and Kenya M. Blalock, 18 of Dorchester who were arrested and charged with Robbery.
Vandalism Just Doesn’t Pay!
At approximately 10:56PM last night, officers from District B-2 (Roxbury) responded top a radio call for vandalism in progress at 151 Terrace Street. En route, officers were advised that the caller had observed cinder blocks being thrown off the roof and stated that two of the blocks had narrowly missed a woman pushing a baby carriage.
On arrival, officers went to the above address, and could hear someone trying to escape. Numerous units responded to the scene in order to “clear the building.” Once on the roof of the building, officers observed the suspect hiding on the roof. Officers gave numerous verbal orders to the suspect to get down from the roof which he refused until officers threatened to send the police canine to the roof.
The suspect, Jeremy Smith Dolan, 24, of Jamaica Plain was arrested and charged with
Breaking and Entering in the Nighttime, Assault by Means of a Dangerous Weapon and Trespass.