Governor’s Auto Theft Strike Force Strikes AgainYesterday morning around 11:00AM, officers from the Governor’s Auto Theft Strike Force (GATSF) arrested suspect, Shawn R. Jones, 26, of Quincy and charged him with Receiving a Stolen Motor Vehicle.
Officers were on patrol in the area of Quincy and Magnolia Streets when they observed a silver Ford Mustang that they had prior information was stolen from the Logan Airport on 11/16/08. Officers immediately notified other members of the GATSF and they discretely followed the car until it stopped at the red light at Quincy St. and Blue Hill Avenue. Once at the light, the car was quickly boxed in, preventing it from escaping to evade capture. The operator was arrested after officers received a convoluted story as to how he came in to be in possession of the car.
Early Christmas Shopping Lands One in Jail
At approximately 5:54PM last night, officers from District A-1 (Downtown Boston) responded 450 Washington St./Macy’s and transported a suspect charged with Shoplifting.
Officers learned that the suspect, Silvia Cortez, 28, of Somerville had walked in to the store, initially headed to the jewelry department, selected three pieces of jewelry and walked away. From there, the suspect went to several other departments, and selected a number of other items. The suspect then entered the fitting room, and placed all the items in her possession into an empty Macy’s shopping bag and walked out of the store. The suspect was stopped outside the store, and brought back where it was determined that the merchandise that she stole valued at almost one thousand dollars.
Loud Music…Not Always a Good Idea
Last night around 6:47PM, officers from District E-18 (Hyde Park) were stopped at a red light at the intersection American Legion Hwy. and Mount Hope St. when they heard extremely loud music emanating from a car stopped next to them despite their window being closed.
Officers followed the car and conducted a traffic stop a short distance from the traffic light. Officers, at the traffic light, requested of the operator his license and registration. The operator, obviously nervous, fumbled around the glove compartment then the center console looking for the requested items. Officers, based on the operator’s behavior and the manner he was reaching around his car without producing anything, asked the operator if his license was suspended and he affirmatively answered, “Yes!” The suspect after answering this question quickly moved his right hand over the over the front seat to the rear seat. Officers, fearful that the suspect may have something of concern to their safety, removed the suspect from the car. After removing the suspect from his car, the suspect was asked whether he had any drugs or weapons on his person, and he replied that he had some marijuana in his pockets. Officers removed from the suspect’s pocket nine separate small bags of marijuana.
The suspect, Cesar L. Wilson, 26, of Dorchester was arrested and charged with Operating a Motor Vehicle with a Suspended License and Possession of Class D with Intent to Distribute. During the booking process, officers located on the suspect a digital scale with small particles of marijuana, and a grinder used to grind marijuana further confirming the charge of possession of class D with intent to distribute.