OVER THE LIMIT – UNDER ARREST DOWNTOWNAt about 1:34am, on Tuesday, November 11, 2008, officers from Area A-1 (Downtown) were parked in the area of Tremont & Lagrange Streets when they observed an individual who appeared to inebriated walking down the street. Specifically, officers observed the individual stumbling, staggering and swaying. While at the location, officers observed a gray motor vehicle parked in a ‘No Stopping’ zone. A check of the motor vehicle revealed that the owner of the car had a revoked license. After responding to a radio call, officers were on patrol in the area of Stuart Street when they observed the same gray motor vehicle take an illegal turn while traveling along Tremont Street. Officers promptly activated their emergency equipment (lights & sirens) and stopped the motor vehicle. As the gray motor vehicle came to a stop, the operator exited his car. Officers immediately ordered the driver back into his motor vehicle. Officers noted that the operator of the car resembled the same individual seen earlier in the evening staggering and stumbling along Tremont Street. When asked to produce his license and registration, the operator began to verbally abuse and mistreat the officers. Further, officers observed the individual to be intoxicated with glassy eyes and an odor of alcohol emanating from his breath.
When asked a 2nd time to produce a driver’s license, the operator, instead, handed officers a picture ID that was not his license. When officers returned the picture ID to the operator, the operator stated, “I don’t need a license.” While engaging the operator, officers observed an open container of beer occupying one of the car’s cup holders. Officers further observed 3 empty cans of beer (Becks) on the floor of the car. When asked to exit the car, the operator began again to verbally abuse and insult the officers. Once outside the car, officers arrested Daniel Barry, 53, of Boston and charged him with Operating Under the Influence (Alcohol).
During the booking process, the suspect was asked to submit to a breathalyzer test. Denying the request, the suspect stated, “That thing is for drunk people.”
At about 1:00am, on Monday, November 10, 2008, officers from Area A-7 (East Boston) were on patrol in the area of 174 Brooks Street when they observed an individual hunched over in the front seat of a motor vehicle. As officers passed by the car, officers saw the individual quickly duck down upon seeing the cruiser. Given this observation, officer stopped their cruiser and approached the individual sitting in the car. When asked to explain why he ducked down upon seeing police, the suspect said the car belonged to his friend, Joe, and he was sitting in Joe’s car, waiting for Joe to return. When officers asked the suspect if his friend was a plumber, the suspect stated, “No.” When officers asked the suspect to provide additional information with regard to Joe’s whereabouts, the suspect stated, “I was walking down the street when Joe rolled down the window of his car and offered me a ride. When I got in, Joe got out and said he had to go see his girlfriend.” While officers were engaging the suspect, an individual, not named Joe, approached the scene and asked if there was a problem with his car. When officers asked the individual if knew the suspect sitting in his car, the owner of the car said, “No.”
Officers arrested Anthony Capone, 20, of Boston and charged him with Breaking & Entering a Motor Vehicle (Nighttime).
At about 2:09pm, on Monday, November 11, 2008, officers from Area D-4 (South End) were on patrol when they observed an individual attempting to cut a bike lock in the area of the Ruggles Street MBTA Station. When officers pulled up next to the would-be bike thief, the suspect swung his arm behind his back and began to walk away. Upon stopping the suspect, officers asked the suspect to show them his hands. To which, the suspect stated, ”I didn’t do nothing.” A pat frisk of the suspect enabled officers to locate and recover a pair of pliers. When officers located the pliers, the suspect stated, “Can you give me a break?” Given the fact that the suspect was attempting to steal the bike, officers stated that they could not.
Officers arrested Derek Price, 17, of Boston and charged him with Attempted Larceny (Over $250.00) and the Possession of Burglarious Tools.