Cursed by the CaseYesterday afternoon around 2:42PM, officers from District A-1 (Downtown Boston) Safe Street Team were on patrol in the area of 125 Tremont St. when they entered an alley in the rear of the above address off of Hamilton Place.
In the alley, officers observed an individual in the alley between Winter St. and Hamilton Place exiting with a briefcase. Officers, knowing the alley is a marked no trespassing area stopped this individual to conduct a threshold inquiry. During the inquiry, officers noticed that the suspect had a black leather case in his possession. Officers then asked the suspect where he was coming from and he reported that he was just crossing through. Officers then had a conversation with the suspect during which the leather case came up. The suspect, during the conversation, when asked by officers where he had gotten the case told them that he had found it in the alley. Officers then inspected the contents of the briefcase, and inside found a gold challis, a gold container with the initials INF, two silver bottles, one crucifix, a gold container with a Jesus medallion, and a prayer book.
Officers then placed the suspect under arrest based on the fact that he was trespassing and based on the appearance of the items found in the case, officers determined that they were stolen. The suspect, George T. Zwicker, 46, of Boston was arrested and charged with Trespassing, and Receiving Stolen Property.
Hot Stove Lands Suspect in Jail
Last night around 9:09PM, officers from District B-3 responded to 96 Harvard St. in Dorchester for a larceny in progress, someone stealing a stove.
On arrival, officers approached the front door of the house, which is known to be abandoned by officers and observed it to be partially open. Officers covered both sides of the house while they performed a cursory inspection to see if there were any suspects in the house. Officers, while awaiting the arrival of a canine unit, observed a suspect pushing a stove on a metal dolly around the corner from the house. Officers stopped the suspect and performed a pat frisk and found a pair of pliers on his person along with some work gloves. The suspect then stated to officers, “Metal is money, the stove has been in that yard for three days at least, so I took it!” Officers looked at the stove and noted that based on its appearance that it had not been sitting outside in the elements.
The suspect, Jimiel Bonner, 36, of Boston was arrested and charged with Breaking and Entering in the Nighttime, Possession of Burglarious Tools, and Larceny over $250.
Suspect Caught Black Handed
This morning around 12:30AM, officers from District A-1 responded to a radio call for vandalism, a person spray painting a brick building at Irving and Myrtle Streets.
On arrival, officers observed an individual matching the suspect description standing at the bench at the Myrtle St. play area with a can of black lacquer finish spray paint in his hands along with a 40 ounce bottle of beer. Officers approached the suspect and immediately determined that the suspect was intoxicated. In addition, officers noted that the brown bag that the suspect had the beer in had black paint on it, and the suspect had a strong odor of paint emanating from his clothes. Officers asked the suspect if he had spray painted “Detox the Ghetto!” on the building at 45 Myrtle Street. The suspect initially stated that he knew noting of the spray painting on the building but later reported to officers that his friend did it.
The suspect, Travis Tuplin, 44, of Boston was arrested and charged Malicious Destruction of Property, and outstanding warrants.