Boston Police Arrest Twenty-Three Individuals During Festivities

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CELTICS!Last night, the Boston Celtics accomplished something that has not happened in over 20 years! In order to maintain a safe environment for the fans, police officers were assigned to various sections of the city. We congratulate those Celtics fans who went to the game or were out celebrating and cheered on their team responsibly. Between the hours of 8:00pm and 2:30am, the following individuals were arrested and charged with the offenses which ranged from Disorderly to Assault and Battery by Means of a Dangerous Weapon on a Police Officer. In addition to the below listed individuals, several people will be summonsed into court also, mostly for charges of Disorderly Conduct. 1.) Nicholas Herman, 23, Newton- Disorderly Conduct 2.) Robert Kelly, 19, Saugus- Disorderly Conduct 3.) Nicholas Lawler, 28, Georgetown- Disorderly Person 4.) a 20-year-old male from Cambridge- Disorderly Person 5.) James Peacock, 19, Boston- Disorderly Conduct, Other 6.) Hagos Mesgoun, 30, Boston- Disorderly Conduct, Other 7.) Gary Zerola, 36, Boston- Indecent Exposure, A&B on a Police Officer (no injuries) 8.) Thomas Bridwell, 23, Dorchester- Disorderly Conduct, Other 9.) Andre Walter Reed, 23, Mattapan- Disorderly Person 10.) Lawrence Patterson, 36, Roslindale- Disorderly Person 11.) Kerlenz Benjamin, 21, Randolph- Disorderly Person 12.) Vincent Salvatoriello, 21, Boston- Disorderly Person 13.) Richard Russo, 18, Malden- Disorderly Person 14.) Brian Johnson, 38, Rome, NY- Larceny over $250, Uttering or Publishing False Writings, Other, Other 15.) Michael Tarrant, 54, Melrose- Drinking Alcoholic Beverages in Public 16.) Kevin Costa, 22, Lowell- Disorderly Person 17.) Shawn Ivey, 24, Andover- Disorderly Person, A&B by Means of a Dangerous Weapon on a Police Officer 18.) Joseph Stella, 20, Saugus- Disorderly Person 19.) Christopher O’Neil, 24, Allston- Destruction or Injury of Personal Property 20.) Matthew Burke, 23, Leomenster- Disorderly Conduct, Other 21.) Norbert Guery, 18, Andover- Disorderly Conduct, A&B on a Police Officer (Injuries) 22.) a 26-year-old male from Boston- Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol 23.) Justin Eid, 22, Dedham- Malicious Destruction of Property The arrested individuals will appear at Boston Municipal Court today, June 18, 2008.