REGARDING TONIGHT’S CELTICS GAME The Boston Celtics in the play-offs is a very exciting time for the city and its many Celtics fans. The Boston Police Department will take the necessary security measures to ensure a safe and fun event for fans.
We hope to continue that momentum and level of coordination from the several recent large sporting events. We greatly appreciate the cooperation of fans and media in our efforts to create a safe and trouble-free environment.
The department again asks that revelers obey police instructions and if asked to leave an area, please do so peacefully.
The BPD Unified Command Center will be up and operational throughout the game and employing the use of surveillance footage at key spots around the city.
The Boston Police Department will strictly enforce compliance to all alcohol laws. Public drinking will not be tolerated.
Taxis and public transportation offer a smart alternative to drinking and driving. Please take advantage of them.
The Boston Transportation Department is advising drivers that parking restrictions will be imposed in the vicinity of the TDBanknorth Garden tonight.
\”Tow Zone, No Stopping\” restrictions will be in place on Causeway Street, from North Washington Street to Merrimac Street throughout the day. \”Tow Zone, No Stopping, Limos and Taxis Only\” restrictions will be in place on Merrimac Street, both sides, from Staniford Street to New Chardon Street.
In addition, club and bar owners are asked to either turn televisions away from windows or cover windows so that their televisions are not visible from the street. All outdoor patios will be closed at that start of the third quarter. Clubs and bars are also asked to refrain from allowing TV outlets to broadcast live from inside their establishments.
Fans are strongly encouraged to leave their cars at home and take the MBTA into Boston for the games. It is the City’s primary focus to deliver a peaceful and safe event. We are prepared to take any means necessary to ensure this. Go Celtics! Beat LA!