At about 9:45am, on Sunday, June 15, 2008, officers from Area E-5 (West Roxbury) were on routine patrol in the area of Bexley Road and Washington Street when they were flagged down by a female. When officers stopped, the woman pointed towards a car (a white Chevy Geo) that was traveling down Washington Street and stated, ”The man in that car (just) exposed himself to my daughter.” Officers quickly pulled behind the motor vehicle, activated their emergency equipment (lights & sirens) and stopped the car. With the suspect’s motor vehicle stopped, officers returned to the original scene in order to gather more information from the victim.According to the victim, she was selling newspapers in the area of the Dunkin Donuts at 5305 Washington Street. The victim says the suspect, who was sitting in his car, motioned for her to approach his car. Thinking that the suspect wanted to buy a newspaper, the victim walked over to the suspect’s motor vehicle. Upon the reaching the car, the victim says she observed the suspect exposing and touching his private area. At this point, the victim says she ran inside the Dunkin Donuts and called her mother.
When asked to explain his reason for being in the area, the suspect told officers, “I was in the area to meet a girl I met on the internet .. but .. she didn’t show up.” Officers arrested Miguel Tiru, 40, of Boston and charged him with Open & Gross Lewdness.