Firearm Results From Effective PatrolLast night around 6:58PM last night, officers from District E-13 (Jamaica Plain) arrested suspect, Marcus J. Johnson, 24, of Cambridge and charged him with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, Dangerous Weapon Unlawfully Carried, Possession of Class D, and Resisting Arrest.
Plain clothes officers, shortly before the arrest, were on patrol in the area of Amory St. and Bragdon St. when they observed the suspect engaged in what they believed to be a hand to hand drug exchange. It should be noted that the suspect engaged in this exchange while he was standing outside with his child. Officers approached the suspect to investigate their observations, and as they did so announced their office, and instructed the suspect to stop. The suspect ignored officers’ approach and instructions, and instead started pushing his child who was driving a battery operated toy car. As officers neared the suspect, he suddenly pushed his child to the side in the toy car and took off running.
Offices pursued the suspect during his flight and noted that he clutched his right side, much like someone armed would do. During the pursuit, the suspect ran under a deck in the rear of 91-93 Bragdon St, and then fled down an alley between 93 and 95 Bragdon Street. Officers knowing that the suspect would exit the alley in the rear of 97 Bragdon St. alerted other officers of his direction of flight. The suspect exited the alley and attempted to flee onto Amory St. where was placed under arrest in front of 114 Amory Street while he was trying to enter the building after a brief struggle.
Officers retraced the path that the suspect had taken believing that he may have been armed and possibly had discarded a weapon during his flight. Officers while retracing the suspect’s path recovered a loaded firearm underneath the deck that the suspect initially fled underneath. The firearm recovered had no debris on it and appeared to have just been placed there. The suspect, once placed under arrest, was also found to have a bag of marijuana in his pockets.
B&E Suspect Caught in the Car
This morning around 12:13am, officers from District C-6 (South Boston) responded to 304 East 3rd St. for a crime in progress. En route, officers were updated with a description of the suspect as being a white male about 6’1”, with glasses wearing a green army jacket, and blue jeans peering into motor vehicles.
On arrival, officers an individual matching the suspect description sitting in the driver’s seat of a parked motor vehicle. Investigation revealed that the car did not belong to the suspect. Officers located the owner of the vehicle who told officers that he did not know the suspect nor had he given him permission to enter his car. Officers then spoke to the caller/witness who reported that he observed the suspect looking into several parked cars and then saw him getting into the motor vehicle. It should be noted that the area in which the suspect was arrested has been plagued with B&Es to motor vehicle of late.
The suspect, David Hurley, 51, of Boston was arrested and charged with Breaking and Entering.
Speeding Will Get You Nowhere Fast
This morning around 1:35AM, officers from District B-2 (Roxbury) and D-4 (South End) responded to the area of Dudley St. and Harrison Ave. for a small red vehicle traveling a at a high rate speed on Harrison Ave. and toward Melnea Cass Blvd. that had failed to stop for several red lights.
Officers were patrolling the area looking for the suspect when they observed the described motor vehicle with its lights off traveling in the rear of 1111 Harrison Avenue. The car was stopped to conduct a threshold inquiry and determine if indeed this was the described speeding car. As soon as officers approached the car, the operator yelled at them, “What are you stopping me for!” During the stop, officers learned that the suspect’s license was suspended and he was ordered to step out of the vehicle. Officers observed the suspect reach in between the center console, and his seat as if to reach for something. Officers, believing the suspect to be armed and reaching for a weapon, removed him from the car. During a subsequent search of the area that the suspect was reaching in, officers recovered a plastic bag of crack cocaine. Once officers recovered the crack cocaine, the suspect started yelling, “That’s not mine! That’s not mine!”
The suspect was placed under arrest with some level of resistance and after being placed under arrest, officers recovered a bag of heroin from his person, and some cocaine wrapped in a dollar bill.
The suspect, Scott K. Tavares, 38, of Roxbury was arrested and charged with Possession of Class B, Possession of Class A, Assault and Battery on a Police Officer, Resisting Arrest, Operating a Motor Vehicle with a Suspended License, and Using a Motor Vehicle without Authority.