More Than Just the “Finest Cuts” Delivered at Local BarbershopYesterday evening around 6:10pm, officers arrested suspects, Bobbie D. Johnson, 37, of Dorchester, and Dwayne Mills, 35, of Roslindale, and charged them with Distribution of Class D, and Distribution of Class D in a School Zone and suspect, Dwayne Sibble, 31, of Roxbury was charged with Possession of Class D.
Pursuant to an ongoing investigation by the District B-2 Drug Control Unit, surveillance was commenced in the Grove Hall section of Dorchester. During that surveillance, officers’ attentions were drawn to the “Finest Cuts” barbershop located at 405 Blue Hill Ave. in Dorchester. During that surveillance officers observed behavior consistent with drug dealing and distribution. Officers observed suspects, Sibble and Mills engaged in a drug deal. Suspect, Sibble was stopped after leaving the scene and two bags of marijuana found on his person.
After suspect, Sibble was arrested, officers responded back to the barbershop and arrested the other two abovementioned suspects. Suspect, Mills was arrested for having sold the marijuana to the suspect, Sibble whereas suspect, Johnson was found with two plastic bags of marijuana on his person.
Suspect, Mills, having been identified as the target of the investigation, after being placed under arrest was transported to the station for booking and his car was towed pending application and approval of a search warrant. Officers were able to get a search warrant for the suspect, Mills car and during execution of that warrant recovered approximately 870 grams of cocaine and about 16 bags of marijuana.Suspect, Dwayne Mills, was additionally charged with Trafficking Class B Substance over 200 Grams, Trafficking Class B over 200 Grams within 1, 000’ of a School Zone.
Red Light Infraction Leads to Gun Recovery
Last night around 7:24pm, officers from District C-11 (Dorchester) arrested suspect, Alexander D. Chaparro, 18, of South Boston and charged him with Operating a Motor Vehicle Without Being Licensed, and Unlawful Possession of a Firearm.
Shortly before the suspect was placed under arrest, officers on patrol in the area of Gibson and Adams Streets observed a vehicle operated by the suspect fail to stop for the red light. Officers stopped the motor vehicle for this infraction and demanded of the suspect his license. The suspect, after being asked for his license, produced a school identification card, and nothing else. A check of the suspect’s information via Mobile Data Terminal revealed that he had no license. The suspect was placed under arrest, and transported to the district station for booking. During a booking search of the suspect, a firearm was found in the suspect’s shoe. Consequently, the suspect was charged with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm in addition to being charged with Unlicensed Operation.
Pizza Thief Arrested for Unarmed Robbery
At approximately 11:56pm on Friday, May 16, 2008, officers from District A-7 (East Boston) responded to 189 Princeton St. for an assault in progress.
On arrival, officers spoke to the victim who pointed officers in the direction of the suspects of the assault. Officers ran in the indicated direction and caught a suspect after a brief foot pursuit. The suspect, Orlando A. Marroquon, 17, of Brighton was brought back to the scene and positively identified by the victim as one of the individuals who assaulted him.
Officers interviewed the victim who told them that he was walking on Saratoga Street with three boxes of pizza when the named suspect, accompanied by two others approached him and asked him for a box of pizza. The suspects then told the victim that the pizzas now belonged to them and started assaulting him by grabbing and punching him. Per the victim, the suspects, after assaulting him, took his pizzas and walked away. The victim en route home observed the suspects sitting in front of 189 Prince Street eating the pizzas they had just robbed from him. The suspects then attacked the victim again and began hitting the victim again forcing him to defend himself. The suspects then fled after assaulting the victim.
A search of the area for the other two suspects was unsuccessful, and the arrested suspect was charged with Unarmed Robbery.