Three-Year-Old Found Wandering Street at 3amThis morning around 3am, officers from District B-2 (Dorchester and Roxbury) responded to 722 Huntington Ave. for a three year old walking around.
On arrival, officer spoke to the witness who had called 911. The witness reported seeing the child walking around on Huntington Ave. and picking him up and calling the police. The child was transported to Children’s Hospital for a medical evaluation while officers continued to try to locate the child’s parents.
Around 4:15am, officers responded to Kempton St. for a report of a missing three-year-old child. There, officers spoke to a mother who reported that she had left her three year old at home with her 18 year old daughter around 11pm and came home around 3am to find her front door open and her three year old missing from his bed. The caller stated that she looked around for her son unsuccessfully and then called the police.
Officers were able to determine that this was the mother of the child that was transported to Children’s Hospital earlier and the two were reunited.
A 51A was filed on behalf of the child and the Department of Social Services along with district detectives will further investigate this incident.
Not Knowing When to Go Home Lands Suspect in Jail
At approximately 2:20am this morning, officers from District D-4 (South End) and D-14 (Allston and Brighton) responded to the area of 157 Brighton Ave. for a group causing a disturbance.
Officers responded to the scene and dispersed the group warning them to go home and stop creating a disturbance. Officers left the area after having the group leave and go their separate ways. Again, around 4:30am, officers responded to the area of 661 Tremont St. in Boston for a fight. There, officers observed the same group that they had dispersed earlier on Brighton Avenue. Officers gave the group numerous orders to disperse, all of which were met with negative results. Officers continued to monitor the group which continued to move along but maintained their disorderly conduct. One particular individual was being louder and causing a scene. This individual was yelling and being confrontational with officers despite their orders for her to be on her way.
Numerous orders having met resistance, and with one individual heading the group, officers arrested the leader of the pack, Giovana Montes, 19, of Lynn and charged her with Being a Disorderly Person.
B&E Suspect Arrested with Assistance of Witness
This morning around 5:18am, officers from District A-1 (Charlestown and Downtown Boston) responded to 98 Walford Way in Charlestown for a breaking and entry in progress.
En route, officers were provided with a very detailed description of the suspect and told that he had just broken into a red pick up truck. On arrival, officers parked their marked cruiser a short distance from the scene and approached on foot. On approach, officers observed the described suspect standing in front of 98 Walford Way standing next to the vandalized car. As additional units approached, the suspect attempted to walk away and was stopped by the officers who had approached on foot.
Officers located the vandalized car and noted that there was a brick next to the car, its passenger window broken and property strewn about the interior of the car. The suspect was detained pending further investigation of the incident and placed in the rear seat of a marked cruiser un-cuffed. The witness was brought back to the scene and positively identified the suspect who was then placed under arrest. On removing the suspect from the back seat, officers located several small bags of marijuana that had not been there previous to his being placed in the rear seat.
The suspect, Corey R. Roy, 24, of Charlestown was arrested and charged with Breaking and Entering a Motor Vehicle, Possession of Class D, and Possession of Class B for additional cocaine found on his person.