Car Thief Arrested by Alert OfficerYesterday, Monday, 3/31/08 around 2:21, officers from District E-18 (Hyde Park and Roslindale) arrested a 16 year-old male juvenile from Hyde Park and charged him with Receiving Stolen Motor Vehicle.
Officers, on patrol, were traveling on Austin St. when they passed a vehicle parked in front of 7 Austin Street in Hyde Park. As officers drove past the vehicle, they noticed the suspect who was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and was seated in the car lowered his head to conceal his presence in the car. Officers queried the car’s registration via their Mobile Data Terminal and learned that it had been reported stolen on 3/30/08.
Officers returned to the car and stopped the suspect who was trying to exit the car. Questioned about ownership of the car, the suspect could not explain who owned the car or where he had gotten the car. The suspect was then placed under arrest and transported to the district station booking.
Traffic Stop Leads to Recovery of Firearm and Drugs
Last night around 8:18pm, officers assigned to the Youth Violence Task Force were on patrol in the area of Walkhill St. and Blue Hill Ave. when they observed a motor vehicle with defective equipment that failed to signal before turning.
Officers initiated at traffic stop at about Blue Hill Ave. and Fessenden St, and there approached the operator. Officers asked the operator for his license, and during the exchange clearly detected strong odor of marijuana from the open windows of the vehicle. Asked About the strong odor of marijuana, the operator admitted to having a bag of marijuana. The operator was removed from the car and a bag of marijuana recovered from his person. The suspect, Warren Mitchell, 37, of Mattapan then was placed under arrest for Possession of Class D.
During further inventory search of the suspect’s vehicle officers continued to smell a strong odor of marijuana and located a duffel bag with a loaded firearm, numerous clear plastic bags, and a marijuana grinder. Officers continued their search of the car based on the very strong odor of marijuana and subsequently discovered another bag with two large bags of marijuana, and a magazine loaded with ammunition.
The suspect was then additionally charged with Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, Unlawful of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of a Firearm with an Altered Serial Number, Distribution of Class D, and Distribution of Class D within 1000’ School Zone.
OUI Operator Arrested For Marijuana
This morning around 3:41am, officers from District B-3 (Mattapan and Dorchester) responded to 15 Jacob St. in Dorchester for a motor vehicle accident.
On arrival, officers spoke to the operator of the of the car who reported that she hit a parked car when she dropped her cell phone while driving and reached for it. Officers observed the parked car that the operator had hit with its rear passenger tire on the sidewalk from the impact of being hit. Officers spoke to the victim whose car was hit and she reported to officers that she was sleeping when she heard a loud crash, looked out her window and noticed that her car had been hit. The victim went outside and was confronted by the victim who stated to her, “Get the &* !?$ registration!”
On scene, officers examining the facts at hand observed a plastic bottle in a cup holder containing what appeared to be marijuana seeds and part of a stem. In addition, officers clearly smelled what burnt marijuana in the suspect car, and noticed that the operator’s eyes were dilated. Officers asked the operator about the fact that her eyes were dilated and she responded that she was not on any medication but had “…smoked some weed.” Officers asked the operator how recently she had smoked the weed, and she responded around 7pm. When officers asked her if she knew what time it was at the time of the accident, she responded, “It’s like around 11 or 12o’clock.”
After answering officers’ questions, the operator turned suspect became verbally abusive to officers and barraged them with a number of expletives, demanding to know if they had nothing better to do.
The suspect, Jennifer Vannessa Donald, 22, of Dorchester was arrested and charged with OUI-Drugs, Possession of Class D for marijuana found in her car, Driving to Endanger, and Impeded Operation.