Update to Chappie Street Nail Gun Incident Yesterday morning, Thursday, March 6, 2008, around 10:11am, officers from District 1 (Downtown and Charlestown) responded to 58 Chappie St. in Charlestown for a radio call for man shot in the head with a nail gun.
On arrival officers spoke to witnesses who reported hearing the victim yelling, and holding the side of his head. Witnesses spoke to the victim and he stated that he had been hit on the side of the head, and that he had been hit by a nail. The officer was directed to a nail gun which facing the direction that the victim had been standing. The victim, conscious and aware was transported to Mass General Hospital by EMS before officers could interview him.
Officers subsequently returned to the location of the incident and spoke o members of OSHA. Officers learned from one of the victim’s co-workers that he had not been shot with a nail as initially thought but rather by a BB. Officers then responded to Mass General Hospital and spoke with the attending physician who confirmed what the officer had learned from the victim’s coworkers. The physician told officers that the victim had been x-rayed and a determination made that the object that hit him was not a nail but rather a small BB pellet which was removed from the victim’s temple.
The victim spoke to officers and reported that while he was working he got hit by something on the side of the head and assumed that it was a nail.
This incident remains under investigation by District A-1 detectives.
What a Lady
Last night around 8:30pm, officers from District 4 (South End) were on “walk and talk” assignment in the area of 1900 Washington Street. While engaged in initiating conversations with area residents, officers observed a woman walk to the front of 1900 Washington Street, pull her pants down to her knees and start urinating on the sidewalk in plain view of the officers and the passing public.
Officers approached the suspect and identified their office and instructed the suspect that she should look for a bathroom. The suspect then turned around and faced officers and screamed loudly, “ I will (expletive) piss and (expletive) where I (expletive) want, what are you going to do about it?!”
The suspect, Michelle Carter, 27, of Roxbury was then placed under arrest and charged with Open and Gross.
Stupid Is Stupid Does!
About 5:52pm yesterday, Thursday, March 6, 2008, officers from the Youth Violence Task Force (Gang Unit) were on patrol in the Woolson St. area of Mattapan when they observed a large group of young males walking up the street.
Officers approached the group and as they got closer, one member of the group turned his back and fled all the while removing a firearm from his waist in plain view of officers. Officers observing the suspect quickly got out of their car and pursued the suspect who ran into the backyards of nearby homes to evade capture. Officers, as they pursued the suspect, watched him throw a firearm over a fence then jump over the fence, retrieve the firearm, and continue to flee. Officers, now in pursuit, broadcast a description of the suspect and informed other responding officers that the suspect was armed with a firearm and that he was wielding in his right hand as he attempted to flee from officers.
The suspect, in his continued effort to evade officers, was observed throwing the gun over the fence and then attempting to jump over the fence. As the suspect attempted to scale the fence to get to the side that he had thrown the gun, officers were able to grab one of his legs and prevent him from making it to the side of the fence that he had thrown the gun. While holding the suspect’s leg until other officers could retrieve the weapon, the suspect kicked officers multiple times in the chest to avoid capture and possible gain control of the gun on the other side of the fence.
Numerous other officers responded to the scene and assisted in gaining control of the suspect who violently fought officers to prevent them from placing him under arrest. The suspect after a lengthy struggle was handcuffed and placed under arrest. Officers then recovered the firearm and determined that it was a replica firearm BB gun.
Suspect, George E. Johnson, 18, of Mattapan was arrested and charged with multiple counts of Trespassing, Assault and Battery by Means of a Dangerous Weapon, Resisting Arrest, Disorderly Conduct, and Possession of a BB Gun.