Early Morning B&E Suspects Caught “Red Handed”About 3:22am on Tuesday, February 5, 2008, officers from District D-4 (South End) responded to an alarm call for a glass break at 414 Boylston St./The Radio Shack.
Numerous units were in the area as the call was dispatched and quickly made their way toward the store. As officers approached the store, they noted that an SUV that was making its way from the direction of the store but nevertheless did not stop the car as they had yet to make observation of the store.
On arrival, officers observed a large window shattered, and a hole accessing the stock room. Officers also noted a large flat screen television inside its box on the sidewalk with what appeared to be blood on it. Officers, having made the noted observations, broadcast a description of the car they had seen leaving the scene and requested that it be stopped for investigation.
A short time later, officers observed the SUV that had been seen leaving the scene of the break and conducted a traffic stop at West Newton and Worcester Streets. Officers approached the car, and observed that the driver was visibly nervous, shaking, and evaded answering basic questions put to him. As officers were speaking to the driver, they noticed blood on the rear seats, and also noticed that both rear passengers were bleeding from the hands. While speaking to the occupants of the car, officers also observed a brand new camera box in the front console.
Having made these observations, officers decided to remove the occupants of the car to further investigate their relationship to the breaking and entering at the Radio Shack. As officers removed the front passenger of the car, they observed a rifle tucked into the seat on the floor of the car. A handgun was also removed from underneath the driver’s side floor mat. As officers continued their investigation of this vehicle, they recovered a large white bag containing a crowbar, three digital cameras, two GPS systems, one black winter hat, one silver metal security badge, and a 16” sword. All the occupants denied ownership of the found items, nor could they explain how the electronic items had come into their possession.
Based on the totality of the circumstances, officers arrested the fours occupants of the car. Suspects, Torrey Parham, 25, Michael Collins, 35, Eddie Lanham, 34, and Daniel O’Connell all of Dorchester were arrested and charged with Breaking and Entering with the Intent to Commit a Felony, Receiving Stolen Goods, and Possession of Class D.
OUI Suspect Arrested After Tailing Victim
Last night around 10:12pm, officers from District A-1 (Downtown) on patrol near the intersection of Main St. and Austin St. observed a motor vehicle being driven at a high rate of speed approaching, while being followed very closely by another vehicle. The second vehicle appeared to be trying to run the first vehicle off the road. The officers activated lights and sirens and stopped both cars.
On approach, officers observed that the operator of the vehicle was crying, and asked officers to please help her. When asked what was wrong, the operator reported that she was parking on school St. when the operator of the second pulled up to her and started yelling and swearing at her. The victim stated that she then locked her doors, and took off at which time the suspect started following her trying to hit her car. The victim reported that she had had called 911 and reported the ongoing incident. Officers notified the Operations Center and they confirmed that the victim had called and reported the incident.
Officers then spoke with the suspect. He reported that the victim had hit his bumper but no damage was observed on his bumper. During the conversation, officers observed the suspect’s speech to be slurred, and his eyes glassy. The suspect was asked to pull over but was unsuccessful in his efforts to do so. Based on these observations, the suspect was asked to get out of his car and perform some sobriety tests to determine his ability to safely operate his car. The suspect failed the administered sobriety tests.
Suspect, William Farley, 40, of Charleston was arrested and charged with Operating Under the Influence, Reckless Operation of a Motor Vehicle, and Following Too Closely/Tailgating.
Paris Hilton Lands Three in Jail for the Night
This morning around 2:15am, officers from District A-1 arrested suspect, Jose DeFrancesco, 33, of Lawrence and charged him with Assault and Battery on a Police Officer, Disorderly Conduct, and Resisting Arrest. In addition suspects, Philip Yee, 35, of Concord, NH, and Shon C. Cardwell, 33, of Haverhill were arrested and charged with Disorderly Conduct, and Resisting Arrest.
Officers initially were dispatched to the area of Warrenton St. due to Paris Hilton being in town and the extremely large group of people exiting the club that had come there to see her.
As officers were attempting to move traffic and the crowds down Warrenton St. and disperse the large crowd that continued to gather on the street as Paris Hilton’s car drove by, offices were confronted by a group of about ten to fifteen people. Officers identified their office and directed members of the group to disperse and keep moving. While talking to the group, suspect Yee responded to officers’ orders for the crowd to disperse by yelling, “We’re not going anywhere! Who the !$*% do you think you are talking to!?” Again officers announced their office by yelling “Boston Police!” At this point, suspect, DeFrancesco yelled “I don’t give a !%#& who he is!” and proceeded to punch an officer in the face. Suspect, DeFrancesco then attempted to flee down Warrenton Street. As officers attempted to pursue suspect, DeFrancesco, suspects, Yee and Cardwell continuously interfered with the process.
Additional units responded and all the suspects were arrested after a brief struggle.