B&E Suspect Arrested in Sting OperationYesterday morning around 10:30am, officers from District B-2 (Dorchester and Roxbury) initiated an operation in the area of Proctor St. and Massachusetts Ave. in response to citizen complaints of escalated breaking and entering of motor vehicles. This operation entailed conspicuously leaving a laptop computer in the seat of a nondescript car parked on Proctor Street.
At approximately 2:43pm, officers observed an individual walk up to the car, look into the passenger side window of the car, apparently see the laptop on the seat, look in both directions and then open the door to the car. The suspect then took the laptop out of the car and started to walk away.
Officers then immediately exited their unmarked car and approached the suspect while identifying their office. The suspect upon being approached by officers took off running down Proctor St. toward Massachusetts Avenue. While fleeing, the suspect discarded his backpack as well as the stolen laptop.
After a lengthy foot chase during which officers lost sight of the suspect, the suspect was found hiding inside a dumpster behind the Stop & Shop located on Allstate Rd., South Bay mall. After the suspect was placed under arrest he questioned officers as to whether they had recovered his backpack that had his identification in it.
The suspect was positively identified by the officers who had observed him taking the laptop from the car and placed under arrest. Suspect, Osvaldo Gomez, 36, of Boston was arrested and charged with Breaking and Entering into a Motor Vehicle, Destruction of Property, Larceny Over, Resisting Arrest and Disturbing the Peace for creating a traffic hazard on Massachusetts Ave. while fleeing from officers.
Musical Chairs Can’t Keep Driver Out of Jail
Yesterday, Monday, February 4, 2008, around 5:46pm, officers from District C-11 arrested, suspect, Warrell L. Meade, 39, of Dorchester and charged him with Operating a Motor Vehicle with a Suspended License, and several warrants for the same.
Officers were on patrol in the Codman Square area of Dorchester when they observed a motor vehicle operated by the suspect fail to stop for a red light at Washington St. and Welles Avenue.
Officers activated lights and sirens to conduct a traffic stop at Welles Ave. and Talbot Avenue. The officer, before exiting the van, was running the registration of the suspect motor vehicle when the front passenger was observed changing seats with the operator/suspect. The officer immediately approached the car, and ordered the passenger and suspect to go back to their original seats. The passenger then exclaimed to the officer that the suspect/operator had no license.
Further investigation revealed that the suspect’s license was suspended license due to a court default. In addition, officers learned that the suspect had three outstanding warrants for his arrest, all for Operating a Motor Vehicle with a Suspended License.
The passenger was summonsed to court for Obstructing a Police Investigation, and the Owner of the car cited for Allowing an Unlicensed Person to Operate.
Traffic Stop Lands Passenger with Warrants in Jail with New Charges
Last night around 10:13pm, officers from District B-3 (Mattapan and Dorchester) on patrol in the area of Blue Hill Ave. and Talbot Ave. observed a motor vehicle traveling on Blue Hill Ave. toward Morton St. being operated erratically, committing several motor vehicle infractions.
Officers conducted traffic stop at the intersection of Blue Hill Ave. and Hansborough St. where the driver’s information was requested. While speaking to the operator, officers noticed that none of the passengers were wearing seat belts and requested their information. All occupants of the car supplied identification to officers except for one who claimed not to have any identification, but supplied officers with a name and date of birth. The name given could not be verified and when questioned about his name again, the suspect with no identification provided officers with his true name. Officers immediately recognized the name given as having several outstanding warrants.
The operator, not having any license, was summonsed to court on a criminal complaint of Operating a Motor Vehicle Without Being Licensed, and the car was left in the possession of the owner who was a passenger in the car. The suspect with warrants was placed under arrest and transported to the district for booking. At the station, during the booking process officers found a plastic bag on the suspect containing a large amount of crack cocaine, and some marijuana on the suspect. Suspect, Arkie J. Swinson, 18, of Dorchester was subsequently charged with outstanding warrants for Possession of Class D, Assault and battery by Means of a Dangerous Weapon, Violation of a Restraining Order, and new charges of Possession of Class D, Trafficking Class B Drugs, Possession of Class B with Intent to Distribute, and Possession of Class B with Intent to Distribute in a School Zone.