Daily Incidents for Friday, January 25, 2008

Part II: Come Over for What?!Officers from District D-4 yesterday around 1:00pm arrested suspect, Darryl D. McClure, 38, of Boston and charged him with Armed Robbery in relation to a robbery incident that had taken place on 1/23/08 around 9:20pm. (Refer to Daily Incidents from 1/24/08.)
Officers responded to 705 Huntington Avenue yesterday around 9:45am pursuant to ongoing investigation when they learned that the other suspect from the robbery that had taken place the day before was back at 705 Huntington Avenue in Boston. During the course of their investigation, officers not only discovered the name of the other suspect involved in the robbery but the facts and circumstances leading to the robbery. Officers learned that the suspect arrested yesterday, Bobby Stevens, 36, of Roxbury and Darryl D. McClure, 38, of Boston had called the victim under the pretense of wanting to purchase drugs. Once there, the suspect robbed the victim at gunpoint and knifepoint of his money, drugs and cell phone.
During the course of their investigation, officers recovered the loaded semi-automatic gun used by the suspects and the cell phone and sidekick stolen from the victim. Suspect, McClure told officers that he smoked the drugs stolen from the victim.
Traffic Stop Leads to Gun and Drugs
Yesterday evening around 7:45pm, officers from the Youth Violence Strike Force (Gang Unit) arrested suspects, Basil Oates, 20, of Dorchester and Quandre McGhee, 17, also of Dorchester and charged both with Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, Unlawful Possession of a Firearm. Suspect McGhee was additionally charged with Possession of Class D, and Possession of Class D with Intent to Distribute.
Officers were on patrol in the area of Codman Square in Dorchester when they observed a motor vehicle fail to stop for a stop sign at Wheatland Ave. and Washington Street. Officers followed the car and conducted a traffic stop on Melville Ave. There, as officers approached the car and they noticed that the rear passengers were shifting in their seats. When officers made contact with the occupants of the car, they immediately noticed a strong odor of marijuana. During the course of the traffic stop, officers initiated conversation with the occupants and noticed that they were very nervous, sweating, avoiding eye contact and shaking uncontrollably.
Based on these observations, officers asked the occupants if they had something in the car that they should not have. One of the occupants asked to speak to one of the officers in private and admitted that he had a gun on his person. The gun was recovered and the other occupants of the car frisked. Suspect, McGhee, was then discovered to have a quantity of marijuana consistent with drug sales. Both suspects listed above subsequently claimed ownership of the gun and were charged accordingly.
B&E Suspect Arrested with Help of Witnesses
At approximately 12:20am, officers from District B-3 to 243 Callender St. in Dorchester for a crime in progress. While en route, officers were provide a description of the suspect as being a dark skinned black male, about 5’7”-5’8” wearing a black jacket, with a hooded sweatshirt, and dark jeans. Officers were additionally informed that the suspect had broken into car and stolen a purse.
Officers responding to the location found an individual matching the suspect description in the area of 237 Callender Street. The suspect was detained while officers performed a search of the area. During the search, officers encountered witnesses who positively identified the suspect and directed officers to a location that the suspect may have left the stolen goods from the cars he had broken into. Numerous items were recovered and the suspect placed under arrest. Officers as part of their investigation went into an establishment where the victims of the break were, and made an announcement about the breaks to the cars. Several victims responded to this announcement and were able to identify some of the property located by officers during their search.
The suspect was transported to the district for booking where numerous other stolen items were recovered from him during the booking process. As the booking process was taking place a number of other victims responded to the station to report their car broken into and items stolen. The victims were able to identify all of the items recovered from the suspect. In total, there over 10 victims resulting from the suspect’s breaks into cars and a total of three cars vandalized.
Suspect, Michael Hall, 17, of Roxbury was arrested and charged with numerous counts of Breaking and Entering a Motor Vehicle, Larceny Over $250, Destruction of Personal Property, and two outstanding warrants for Possession of Class D, and Buying, Receiving or Concealing stolen Goods.
Pedestrian Road Rage Lands One in Jail
This morning around 2:08am, officers from District A-1 responded to a large fight at 160 Milk St. in Boston.
On arrival, officers observed a large group of individuals engaged in a verbal argument. Officers approached the group and separated the two factions. Officers then spoke to the victim who reported that he was driving down Milk St. when the suspect jumped in the middle of the street preventing the victim from going through the intersection. Per victim, the suspect then started yelling and screaming at him. The victim reported that he asked the suspect to move from the middle of the street but he refused. A verbal argument ensued during which the suspect walked to the passenger side of his car and kicked the rear quarter panel of his car. The victim exited his car after the suspect kicked his car to get his information for the damage caused to his car when the confrontation became physical. Witnesses on scene corroborated the victim’s story.
Suspect, Jonathan J. Bosse, 19, of Milton was placed under arrests and charged with Malicious Destruction of Property over $250.00 for the damage caused to the victim’s car.