Two Suspects Arrested for Breaking into Romney Campaign Headquarters

About 12:43am this morning, officers from District A-1 responded to 585 Commercial St. in Boston for a breaking and entering in progress. Officers were informed by Operations that the suspects had been observed via security cameras breaking into the back corner office and stealing computers by a security guard.On arrival, officers observed a car exiting the parking lot abutting 585 Commercial Street. Officers stopped the car for further investigation to determine if they were connected to the breaking and entering. The suspects were ordered out of the car and while doing so two open bottles of beer fell out the car. The suspects were detained and subsequently positively identified by the security guard. After the suspects were removed from the car, officers located an Apple IMac box in the back seat long with two crowbars.
Suspects, Daniel J. Bradley, 28, and Michael J. Sauer, 30, both of Cambridge were arrested and charged with Breaking and Entering with the Intent to Commit a Felony and Possession of Burglarious Tools. The operator of the car, suspect, Sauer, was also cited for Drinking Alcohol from and Open Container in a Motor Vehicle. The second suspect, Bradley, was subsequently discovered to have six outstanding warrants from several courts for 1) Operating a Motor Vehicle with a Suspended License 2) Destruction of Property 3) Possession of Class A 4) Breaking and Entering and 5) two warrants for Receiving Stolen Property.
The building was canvassed by officers along with the Manager of the Campaign Headquarters to determine if anything was missing but no other items were observed to be missing. Officers were however able to make note of two windows on the first level of the building that had pry marks. The suspects’ car was towed to be processed by area detectives.
At this time, no connection has been found between this incident and a prior breaking and entering incident at Romney Headquarters. Detectives however, as in every case, will investigate to determine if there is a link between the two incidents.