Who’s Telling the Truth?About 8:43pm last night, district B-2 officers assigned to the Orchard Gardens Safe Street on patrol in the Dudley St. area were approached by an individual who reported to them that the building he works at as a security guard was broken into around 12:30am and that numerous items had been stolen including several laptops. The individual further informed officers that he had reviewed security videotapes of the incident, and that the suspect from the incident was standing on the corner of Dudley and Dearborn Streets.
Officers responded to the corner of Dudley St. and Dearborn St. where they stopped the identified suspect to further investigate the allegations. While speaking to the suspect, officers observed that he had a black carrying case over his shoulder and inquired of him what was in the case. The suspect replied that it was a lap top computer and that it belonged to him. At this time, the witness told officers that he was a bar located on Dudley St, when the suspect came in and asked if anyone was interested in buying a computer. The witness at this time gave offices his personal information, and left the scene.
After receiving the above information, officers placed the suspect under arrest. The suspect, while awaiting transport to the district station, then started making unsolicited statements. The suspect told officers that he knew the witness and that he and the witness had been smoking crack together the day before the items were stolen from the building. The suspect then informed officers that the suspect who was responsible for security of the building had advised him on how he could break into the building.
The suspect, Carlton Albert, 44, of Roxbury was arrested and charged with Receiving Stolen Property and transported to the station for booking. There, the suspect admitted to entering a building on Harrison Ave. numerous times during the early morning hours of 1/23/08 and stealing numerous items from that location which included cash, video cameras, computers and televisions. The suspect went on to tell officers that he had sold one of the laptop computers in the bar at Dudley St. and other items at other locations. Officers responded to the bar and found a patron who admitted to buying a computer from the suspect after he alleged that he house had burned down and that he was in desperate need of money.
This incident is being further investigated to determine any connection between the suspect and the witness.
Come Over for What?
At approximately 9:20pm last night, officers from district D-4 placed suspect, Bobby Stevens, 36, of Roxbury and charged him with Armed Robbery.
Officers initially responded to 270 Huntington Ave for an armed robbery in progress. On arrival, officers were met by the victim in the lobby of the building. The victim told officers that he had just been robbed at gunpoint by two black males in the elevator while getting off on the seventh floor. Officers responded to the seventh floor via elevator with the victim and as the door opened on the seventh floor, the victim yelled “That’s him! That’s one them that robbed me!”
Officers then interviewed the victim who reported that a female friend of his who lives in the building called him, and asked him to come “chill” and to bring some money for pizza. The victim reported that when he arrived at his friend’s house he rang the doorbell and a voice he recognized as the voice of a male fried of his female friend answered the over the intercom system and buzzed him into the lobby. The victim reported that he then got on the elevator to the seventh floor and as he exited two males he recognized as being friends with his female friend pushed him back into the elevator. The suspects, one armed with a gun, the other armed with an ice pick, then robbed him of his wallet with money, sidekick cell phone, and regular cell phone.
Officers responded to the apartment but were unable to locate neither victim’s female friend nor the other male involved in the robbery.
Very Indecent Exposure
This morning around 9:50am, and officer from District B-2 informed other officers that while in his personal vehicle he observed a male known to him standing in the vicinity of Kemble St. and Magazine St. exposing himself to passersby by opening up his blouse and shaking his breasts at passing cars causing cars to stop and cause a traffic to back up.
Officers responded to the above location where they located the suspect, James D. Rogers, 26, of Dorchester and arrested him charging him with Indecent Exposure, and Disorderly Conduct.