Dark Tint Lands Two in JailAbout 1:00am today, officers from District B-2 were on patrol when they observed a motor vehicle being operated with excessive tint on the windows in the area of Devon Street and Blue Hill Avenue. A traffic stop was conducted and the tint confirmed to be excessive.
Check of one of the occupants revealed him to have several outstanding warrants, one for B&E, and Receiving Stolen Property, a second for Possession of Class D, and another for Motor Vehicle violations. Suspect, Epheraim Rojas, 22, of Fitchburg was arrested and placed in the back of the cruiser while officers further investigated the other occupants of the car, and writing a citation for the operator. While in the back, officers observed that the suspect had successfully put his hands to the front of his body while handcuffed and that he was moving excessively. The suspect was removed from the car and a bag of crack cocaine located on the floor of the cruiser where suspect had been seated. Further investigation revealed the suspect to be in possession of an identical bag of crack cocaine in his pants’ pocket. Suspect was further charged with Possession of Class B.
Another passenger of the car, Wanda Vasquez, 29, of Fitchburg was also arrested and charged with an outstanding warrant for Trespassing. The owner of the car was cited for Excessive Window Tint, No License in Possession, and Open Container of Alcohol in Vehicle.
Detail Officer Stops OUI Suspect Before “Hitting The Streets”
This morning around 1:45am at the parking garage at 20 Clinton St. in Boston an officer performing a detail there heard a loud noise that sounded like tires screeching. The officer along with garage personnel responded to the 5th level of the garage and observed smoke and smelled rubber burning but did not see the car responsible for this. The detail officer then responded to the 7th level of the garage where an occupied car was observed doing circles burning rubber.
The detail officers directed the car to stop and attempted to have a conversation with the operator. The detail officer was immediately struck by the strong odor of alcohol coming from the operator, glassy eyes and his inability to focus. The operator was asked whether or not he had been drinking and he affirmatively answered that he had. The operator was directed to get out of the car, but was unable to do so due to his level of intoxication. The officers at that time removed the keys from the ignition while requesting the assistance another officer but was again alerted by suspect’s actions as he again started up the car with a spare key.
Suspect, Brendon S. Sisolak, 21, of Georgetown was arrested and charged with Operating Under the Influence, Harsh Objectionable Noise (Screeching Tires), and a Seatbelt violation and issued a citation for the same.
Off-Duty Officer Assists in the Arrest of a B&E Suspect
At approximately 2:10am, officers from District B-2 responded to 88 Munroe Street in Roxbury for a B&E in progress.
There officers were met by an off-duty officer who happened on the incident. The off-duty officer had come there to assist someone with a lock out. The off duty officer observed the suspect immediately run back inside the common hall way as he approached the residence. When teh off-duty officer approached he observed the front door damaged. The suspect was located inside the foyer and detained by the off-duty officer until officers from B-2 arrived and placed the suspect under arrest.
Suspect, James P. Pierre-Charles, 26, of Brockton was arrested and charged with Unarmed Breaking and Entering of a Residence in the Night.