Daily Incidents for Wednesday, November 7, 2007

No TrespassingOn Tuesday afternoon at 3:47pm D-4 (South End) officers responded to 134 Northampton Street to investigate the premise. Upon arrival, officers were not immediately let into the apartment, but eventually a Hispanic male opened the door. Officers ordered the suspect as well as all parties present in the residence to exit and remain the hallway until a protective sweep could be completed. While conducting the sweep of the apartment, two more individuals were located in the bathroom and were ordered to join the other individuals in the hallway. The officers found the residence to be unkempt, with drug paraphernalia observed in plain view.
At this time, Operations informed officers that the caller was in fact the mother of one of the suspects and that the apartment was her residence. She stated that her son was not welcome in the apartment and wanted him and his friends removed immediately. Responding officers said that they had responded to the same apartment the previous night and escorted all of suspects present out and warned them not to return or they would be charged with trespassing.
Raphael Pol, 44, of Boston, Daniella Gagliardi, 18, Medford, Andrew Rodney, 45, of Boston, Armond Andrews, 40, of Lawrence, and Danita Clark, 46, of South Boston were all arrested and charged with Trespassing.
Officers Recover Firearm, Arrest Suspects
On Tuesday evening just before 7:00pm, officers assigned to the Youth Violence Strike Force were on patrol in the area of Harvard and Bernard Street in Dorchester when they observed a group of black males drinking from plastic cups. Soon after, the scent of burnt marijuana was evident as the officers exited their cruiser to speak to the men. Upon questioning the individuals and further investigation, officers located a shopping bag containing a firearm and narcotics inside of the dwelling the men were standing in front of. All parties were handcuffed at this time for their safety and the safety of all officers and bystanders and given their Miranda warnings.
The following individuals were arrested: Antoine Rise, 26, of Dorchester and Grant Headley Jr., 19, of Dorchester were both charged with Possession of Class D Drugs. Charles Landford Jr., 26, of Mattapan was charged with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, Unlawful Possession of a Loaded Firearm, Drinking Alcoholic Beverages in Public, Possession of Class B Drugs, and Possession with Intent to Distribute Class B Drugs within 1,000 feet of a School Zone.
Suspects Arrested for Armed Robbery
Last night around 10:30pm, B-3 (Mattapan) officers were on patrol when a frantic male flagged them down, saying he had just been robbed. He was pointing at two black males fleeing in the direction of American Legion Highway. Officers exited the cruiser and gave verbal commands for the suspects to stop. Both suspects ignored initial commands but eventually submitted to police.
The victim spoke to responding officers, saying that the two men approached him while he was walking up to his girlfriend’s home. During a struggle, one suspect stabbed him while the other repeatedly kicked him. The victim reported his i-Phone, keys, and bag of groceries were stolen from him. EMS was summonsed and the victim was transported to Boston Medical Center to treat his injuries.
Officers did recover a folding knife under a bush close to where the two suspects were stopped. Kevin Bradshaw, 37, of Dorchester and Idrees Lofton, 29, of Highlandale, FL were both arrested for Armed Robbery, Assault and Battery by Means of a Dangerous Weapon, and Assault and Battery by Means of Dangerous Weapon, Knife.

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