Daily Incidents For November 2, 2007

Suspect Arrested With Loaded FirearmYesterday at 2:43pm, members of the Youth Violence Strike Force and a DYS apprehension officer arrested Darren Dyette, 18, of Dorchester and charged him with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, Resisting Arrest and Disturbing the Peace.
About 2:00pm officers heard an all out broadcast for a white vehicle occupied by three black males in the area of Hutchings Street. As officers were driving on Harold Street towards Hollander Street they observed thee black males walking towards them. Officers identified one of the guys as a possible individual that might have been in the vehicle that was broadcasted earlier.
Officers stopped their cruiser to conduct a threshold inquiry. As the officers exited the cruiser two of the males stopped to talk to the officers but the third suspect kept on walking. As the officers stepped towards the suspect he immediately grabbed his waist area and began running up Harold Street towards Waumbeck Street. The suspect ran into the rear of 80 Waumbeck Street. While officers were still in the rear of 80 Waumbeck Street they heard other officers yelling from the front that “he’s right here and he’s got a gun.” Officers in the front observed the suspect coming from the rear and saw a firearm fall to the ground.
Officers came from the rear of the house and observed the suspect heading towards the front of the house. On the walkway behind the suspect was the firearm. When the suspect saw the officers in the front he turned around and began moving towards the officers in the rear. At this time the firearm was still on the ground between the suspect and the officers. The suspect reached the spot where the firearm was before officers could retrieve it and picked up the firearm. Officers immediately order the suspect to stop and drop the firearm but he ignored the officer’s commands and jumped the fence with the firearm in his hand. Officers observed the suspect in the rear of 107 Howland Street stuffing something under a plastic wagon. At this point the suspect no longer had the firearm and began walking towards the front of 107 Howland Street where he was apprehended.
Officers did recover the firearm and a holster.
Panhandler Arrested
Last night around 7:20pm, officers from District D-4 conducted an investigation of a person at 141 Massachusetts Avenue. Officers know the individual as a panhandler. Officers believed that this individual had a stay away order from the store. Officers observed this individual panhandling in front of the store. Officers observed the individual walk next to a trash barrel open his pants and began to urinate on the building, while holding out a cup asking people for money. James Super, 49, of Dorchester was arrested and charged with Open and Gross and Panhandling.
Home Invasion On Blue Hill Avenue
Last night at 11:10pm, officers from District B-2 responded to a radio call for a home invasion at 121 Blue Hill Avenue. On arrival, officers spoke with the first victim who stated he heard a knock at the front door. When he began to open the door the first suspect barged pass the door striking the victim across the head with a handgun. At this point both suspects entered the apartment and forced the victim into the kitchen. The victim stated he was made to lie face down on the floor. The victim stated the suspects entered his bedroom and ransacked it taken various items.
The second victim stated that he was in the process of opening the front door when it was suddenly yanked open from inside the apartment. The victim stated at that time he was also struck across the face by an unknown object. After being struck in the face he was forced to the floor by the suspect and told not to look up. At that time the suspects fled.
The first suspect was described as black male, stocky build, approximately 200lbs wearing black skully cap, black nylon jacket, dark jeans and beige timberland boots. The second suspect was a black male, thin build, 5’-11”, wearing black hooded sweatshirt, dark jeans and boots.
Both victim’s were transported to Boston Medical Center and treated for non-life threatening injuries. The suspect fled with jewelry, cash, television and a computer.

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