If It’s Too Good To Be True Its Probably NotYesterday at 3:00pm the victim walked into District E-13 to report a larceny by fraud. The victim stated she was selling a piece of furniture for two hundred dollars on Craig’s List on the Internet and received a check from the suspect for the furniture in the amount of two thousand dollars. The suspect contacted the victim about the mistake in the check and asked her to return the difference. The victim had contacted the bank on several occasions to see if the check had cleared. The victim was informed that the check was no good and the victim was out of cash.
Armed Robbery of Business
Yesterday Afternoon around 3:45pm, officers from District A-1 responded to a radio call for an armed robbery in progress at 20 Park Plaza. On arrival, officers spoke with victim who stated that a white male approximately 6’-00 tall, thin build, brown hair, clean shaven, wearing a blue baseball cap, a blue fleece jacket and blue jeans entered the store and asked for a bottle of water. The victim handed the suspect the bottle and the suspect stated, “Empty the register”. The victim replies, “what” and the suspect once again stated, “empty the register”. Upon demanding the victim to empty the register for the second time, the suspect raised the front of his jacket and showed the handle of a handgun. The victim opened the register and handed the suspect an undermined amount of cash. The suspect fled down Park Plaza towards Charles Street on foot.
Man Refusing To Leave After Obstructing Traffic Lands In Jail
Early this morning around 1:28am, officers from District C-11 were on patrol in the area of 231 Bowdion Street when they observed a group of females fighting in the middle of the street. Officers were able to break up the fight and began asking the group that had gathered to leave. As the group was leaving officer observed a male in a grey vehicle stopped in the middle of Bowdion Street. Several motor vehicles were behind the grey vehicle blowing their horns in an attempt to get the motor vehicle to move.
The operator ignored the officer’s orders and continued speaking to an unidentified male. Officers told the operator to pull his vehicle over and requested his license and registration. At that point the operator stated to officers that he was moving. The operator began yelling at officers that they had nothing better do. The operator finally produced his license and registrations and was issued a citation for obstructing traffic, equipment and seatbelt violations. Officers gave the operator his license, registration and citation. The operator began yelling and screaming about the citation. Officers walked back to the operator and requested that he leave, which he refused to do. Elison Goncalves, 26, of Boston was arrested and charged with Disorderly.

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