Daily Incidents For July 28, 2007

Walking Beat Officers Arrest Two For Public Drinking Yesterday at 8:54pm, officers from District B-2 assigned to the Grove Hall Safe Street Beat Team were in the area of Seaver Street and observed two suspect drinking alcoholic beverages in front of 329 Seaver Street. As the officers approached the suspects they began to walk away. Officers ordered the suspect to come back. They ran onto the porch and then inside. Officers ordered one of the suspects who still had a forty-ounce in his hand to empty the beer but he did not comply. Officers again ordered the suspect to empty the beer and which time the suspect started to walk away to the rear of the house and was placed under arrest. An officer then observed the second suspect come out of the house and was standing on the porch. Officers order the suspect to come down from the porch. The suspect attempted to run back into the house, only to realize the door had locked behind him.
Lamar Henley, 22, of Mattapan was arrested and charged with Drinking Alcoholic Beverages in Public. Rayol Walthour, 29, Roxbury was arrested and charged with Resisting Arrest and Drinking Alcoholic Beverages in Public.
Two Arrested With An AK47
Last night at 9:12pm, officers from District b-3 were patrolling the area of Hazelton Street and observed a motor vehicle with a broken left drivers mirror. Further investigation revealed the vehicle did not have an inspection sticker. Officers attempted to conduct a traffic stop on Gilmer Street, but the motor vehicle continued on Gilmer taking a right onto Wilmore Street. The vehicle continued at a slow speed and finally came to a stop. As officers approached the vehicle they observed the occupants moving around the vehicle.
Officers could detect the scent of burnt marijuana coming from the vehicle. Officers asked the suspects if there was any more marijuana in the vehicle. The occupants stated we don’t smoke weed. Offices observed marijuana in the center console.
Officers asked one of the suspects to step from the vehicle as he did so he turned his left side away from the officer and scrunched down. Officers fearing the suspect was attempting to conceal a weapon reached for his left side and grabbed his left pocket. Officers felt a hard metallic object and observed from the top of his pocket a loaded magazine. Officers checked the rear seat of the vehicle and felt a rifle in the leg of a pair of jeans on the rear seat. Officers open the jeans and observed the assault rifle in the pants leg.
Omaro Isaacs, 30, of Dorchester and Douglas Blackwood, 29, of Roslindale were both arrested and charged with Possession of Sawed-Off Shotgun or Machine Gun, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, Possession of a High Capacity Magazine and Possession of Class D. Officers did recover drugs and a gun from the suspects. Both suspects will be arraigned on Monday morning in Dorchester District Court.
Stabbing Suspect Arrested
Early this morning around 1:45am, officers from District C-6 responded to a radio call for a person stabbed at 214 W 5th Street. On arrival, officers observed the victim a male bleeding from the head. The victim was transported to Boston Medical Center and treated for a non-life threatening injury. Officers were informed that the suspect called the witness on her phone and the victim answered the phone. A verbal exchanged occurred between the victim and the suspect. At that time the suspect smashed the bedroom window with a two by four and ran into the front door with a knife in his hand and stabbed the victim. The suspect fled the area in a grey vehicle.
Several individual informed officers that they heard screaming at which time they observed two males fighting. They stated at that time the suspect fled out the front door. Officers received information that the suspect was located on Union Street in Braintree. Boston Police along with Braintree Police and State Police observed the suspect in the drivers seat and place him under arrest. Anthony Giangergario, 45, of South Yarmouth was arrested and charged with Home Invasion and Assault with Intent to Murder.

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