Daily Incidents For July 2, 2007

Three Arrested For Breaking and EnteringYesterday morning at 4:42am, officers from District C-6 responded to a radio call for a breaking and entering in progress at 278 East 9th Street. On arrival, officers observed a large orange extension ladder lying on the ground under the windows of 278 East 9th Street. Officers also observed the middle window of the apartment to be opened.
Officers knocked on the front door of the apartment and announced their presence. Officers heard people moving about in the apartment and knocked on the door several times to no answers. While officers were standing in the hallway, the apartment door opened. A white female opened the door and standing behind her was a male also known to officers. Officers entered the apartment and found a third male.
Prior in the night, at approximately 3:16 am, all three suspects were directed by officers to leave the apartment during a prior incident. The apartment was locked and secured by officers at that time. Suspect Zukowski stated that they had permission from the leasee of the apartment to stay there. Earlier in the night suspect Zukowski stated the same, but could only produce the name of the leasee as \”Rick\”. Officer contacted Boston Housing and was informed that the leasee of the apartment was not “Rick”. David McCarthy, 40, and Pauline Zukowski, 42, both of South Boston were arrested and charged with Unarmed Breaking and Entering. Patrick Joyce, 41, of Roslindale was arrested and charged with Breaking and Entering a Building.
Gun Arrest in Roxbury
Last night at 9:35pm members of the District B-2 Drug Control Unit received information that a male wearing a black shirt and riding a bike in the area of Woodward Avenue was in possession of a firearm. Armed with this information, officers responded to this area in an attempt to locate the above-described suspect. Officers were monitoring the area of Woodward Av and George Street. Officers observed a group of five males in the area of the front stairs of 44 Woodward Avenue. Officers observed a bicycle leaning on the fence in the immediate area of the group.
With the information received, officers approached the group to investigate. At this time Officers observed a male riding a bicycle wearing a black shirt traveling down Woodward Av toward officers. Officers observed the male fitting the description that was provided and attempted to speak with him. At this time the male swerved the bicycle and attempted to go around officers. Officers were able to stop the suspect and again due to the information provided, officers immediately pat frisked the suspect, officers felt a hard object, and believed to be the handle of a firearm, in the right front waistband of the suspect. Michael Depina, 18, of Dorchester was arrested and charged with Unlawful Carrying of Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition and carrying a loaded firearm. The group of males was Fio\’d and released. Officers did recover a firearm from the suspect.
No Leash Law For This Dog
This morning at 12:20am, officers from District C-11 responded to a radio call for an animal incident at Neponset Avenue and Victory Road. On arrival, officers spoke with the caller who stated while walking on Victory Road at Train Street she heard a woman screaming. She observed an elderly female, who was almost attacked by a dog. The caller observed a black or dark brown dog in the street unattended without a leash. The caller heard a male yelling at her to mind her own business. At that time, a male wearing a white t-shirt stated he was the owner of the dog. The elderly female had left the area before police arrived. Officers were unable to locate the male or the bullmastiff dog.

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