Message from Commissioner Davis

New Command Staff DeploymentsBeginning last Friday, January 19, members of the Boston Police Command Staff are being deployed in every police district throughout the city. These deployments will occur every Friday, and all members of the Commanders Staff will be patrolling the city in uniform and in marked and unmarked vehicles.
This deployment is initiated in order to improve communication and access between residents of the city, line officers, and Command Staff personnel.
You will see Command Staff personnel individually and in pairs, on various shifts, visiting police stations, engaging residents and officers in conversation, riding along and walking beats with officers. The Command Staff intends to make itself accessible to you, to hear your concerns and issues and provide feedback and support. They also intend to keep you abreast of department policies and plans.
It is also my hope that this opportunity will allow Boston Police Superintendents and Deputy Superintendents to reinforce their views of current crime trends and patterns, quality of life issues, and business and resident concerns from a street-level perspective. The Command Staff, in collaboration with our District Captains, will engage residents and business owners in various forums to encourage dialogue and address topics of mutual concern.
Please note that Command Staff officers are not being deployed to take command of crime scenes, unless it is necessary, or it is dictated by department rules and procedures. Their primary purpose at crime scenes and other serious incidents is to observe and provide support and guidance, when requested.
I recognize and appreciate the hard work that is being performed day in and day out by the men and women of this department. I can tell you that this hard work is also recognized and appreciated by my Command Staff. It is our intention to meet our obligations to all department personnel by working closely with you. This initiative will provide the vehicle for us to acknowledge your efforts and provide the support you need to effectively perform your duties. It will also bolster our community policing efforts and give us the opportunity to interact with residents and business owners throughout the city.
Edward F. Davis
Police Commissioner

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