Daily Incidents for January 22, 2007

Suspect Attempts to Rob Victim Threatening with Dirty NeedleLast night at 11:43pm, officers from District 6 responded to 510 South Hampton Street on a report of a robbery in progress. On arrival, the officers spoke with the victim who stated a suspect entered the Dunkin Donuts and passed a note to the clerk demanding money. The suspect also threatened to inject a dirty needle infected with HIV if he didn’t cooperate. The suspect refused to give the suspect any money and he fled in a black colored vehicle. Police continue to investigate.
Charlestown Resident Arrested After Attacking Victim
Sunday afternoon at about 1:59, officers from District 1 responded to Tibbett’s Town Way on a report of an assault and battery in progress. On arrival the officers located a victim who stated that she was approached by the suspect who asked to use her cell phone. The suspect proceeded to kick and bite her before robbing her of her cell phone and cigarettes. After a brief foot chase, the suspect was arrested. Christine Burke, 19, of Charlestown will be arraigned in the Charlestown Court where she will be charged with Unarmed Robbery, Assault and Battery by Means of a Dangerous Weapon, Assault and Battery and Resisting Arrest.
Pair Arrested Downtown with Drugs
Undercover officers from District 1 arrested two suspects Sunday morning at about 8:35am in the area of 41 Boylston Street for Possession of Class A and Being in Possession of Heroin after observing one suspect with a bag of heroin. A search incident to arrest revealed the suspect to be in possession of a razor, a pill bottle containing 25 pills, and a plastic bottle containing Metamucil. William Velez, 31 and Lisa Lombardi, 33, both of Boston will be arraigned in the BMC and charged with various drug charges.
Tagger Arrested in ATM
Yesterday afternoon officers from District 2 responded to 1639 Tremont Street on a report of a person inside a Bank of America ATM writing graffiti on the wall. On arrival the officers spoke with a witness who stated that the suspect was inside the ATM writing on the walls with a red marker. Police located the suspect and recovered a red marker from her. She was placed under arrest and transported to District 2. The suspect, Sandra Bailey AKA Virginia Hitaffer, 60, of Boston will be arraigned today in the Roxbury District Court and charged with Damaging Property by Graffiti/ Tagging.
Shoplifters Create a Disturbance in Back Bay
While on routine patrol yesterday afternoon, officers from District 4 were alerted that a loss prevention officer from Marshall’s was attempting to apprehend several females who stole several items from the store. One suspect was observed entering 551 Boylston Street and followed to the second floor ladies room where she was attempting to discard several bags into an occupied locked stall. The Boston officer attempted to place the suspect under arrest when she struck him, attempted to pulled away, and then spit in his face. While the officer was handcuffing the suspect, she began yelling at the officers. During the arrest, the suspect’s friends responded and began yelling at the officers. Theses individuals were instructed by police to stop yelling and leave the area. The suspect’s friends refused and kept pushing toward the officers in an attempt to assist the suspect. While the suspect was being removed from the address, the friends started yelling outside at the officers causing a large crowd to gather. The females were again instructed to leave the area and then told police that they were harassing them. Eventually, police arrested three other friends and transported them all to District 4. Suspect #1 Shatiana Appleberry, 18 of Roxbury was charged with Shoplifting, Assault and Battery on a Police Officer, Resisting Arrest and a warrant from Cambridge for Shoplifting. Suspect #2 Shanita Williams, 19, of Boston was arrested for Shoplifting and Disorderly Conduct. Suspect # 3 Danielle Bruce, 19, of Roxbury was arrested for Assault and Battery on a Police Officer and Disorderly Conduct. Suspect # 4 Latiana Appleberry, 18, of Roxbury was arrested for a Waltham warrant for Shoplifting. All four will be arraigned in the Boston Municipal Court today.

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