Sometimes, It Pays to be QuietYesterday around 2:00am, officers from District 2 arrested Patrick Morgan, 19, of Milton and charged him with Being a Minor in Possession of Alcohol.
Officer’s attention was drawn to the suspect due to the disturbance being caused by him and his friends. Officers approached the group and made note that the suspect was holding an open can of beer. Further investigation revealed that the suspect was only 19 and not of the legal age to possess alcohol.
Fleeing Suspect Leads Officers To HazMat Situation
Suspect, Stephen Walker, 20, of Roxbury was arrested yesterday around 9:50am and charged with Breaking and Entering and Disorderly Conduct.
Officers initially responded to area of Walnut St. and Rockland St. for a report of two males fighting. On arrival officers observed three males walking down Rockland St., two of those individuals stopped to talk to officers while the third took off running holding on to his waist as if armed. Officers pursued the suspect into 4 Wakullah St. where he ran and locked the doors behind him. Officers gained entry into 4 Wakullah St. and found the suspect hiding in the basement. Officers spoke to the occupants of that apartment who stated that they did not know the suspect, nor did they know why he ran into their apartment. While speaking to the occupants, officers smelled a strong odor of gas and further investigation lead them to the basement where they observed oil and standing water in the basement. Boston Inspectional Services and the Fire Department were notified and responded to this situation.
Vigilant Citizen Leads Officers to B&E Suspect
About 3:23pm yesterday, officers from District 1 responded to the area of the Boston Commons for a crime in progress. En route, officers received information relating to the suspect’s description and that the caller was following the suspect from a distance. The witness/caller followed the suspect from a distance keeping operations aware of his and the suspect’s location until officers stopped and apprehended the suspect. The witness informed officers that he had witnessed the suspect break into a car and enter it. Officers recovered a stereo from the suspect after placing him under arrest and returned to the vehicle that was broken into and confirmed that the stereo had been stolen from that car. Suspect, Jose Villalongo, 40, of Dorchester was arrested and charged with Breaking and Entering a Motor Vehicle, and Larceny from a Motor Vehicle.
OUI Suspect Asks to be Arrested
This morning around 2:38am, officers from District 14, while on patrol, observed a motor vehicle stopped in the middle of Chestnut Hill Ave. and Chiswick St. with front-end damage. Officers responded and noticed the operator seated in the driver’s seat talking on the phone. The operator explained to officers that she had struck a parked car while making a u-turn. Officers observed two cars with substantial damage on the side of the road. Officers noticed that the operator’s speech was slurred, her eyes bloodshot and that she had an odor of alcohol about her. The operator stated to officers “Arrest me and get it over with!” Subsequent conversation with the operator revealed that she had consumed numerous drinks, and had consumed the last only a few minutes before the accident. The suspect told officers that she had dropped someone off in South Boston and ended up somehow in Brighton while making her to Dorchester. Suspect, Amy J. Smith, 24, of Hanover was arrested and charged with Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol.

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