Daily Incidents For January 10, 2007

Suspects Arrested After RobberyYesterday around 4:34pm, officers in District 4 responded to a radio call for an attempted robbery at the rear of 400 Massachusetts Avenue. On arrival officers searched the area for suspects and observed two males walking down Worcester Street. Officers got a description and stopped the two suspects to perform a threshold inquiry. Officers were able to stop one of the suspects, but the other took off in the opposite directions. Officers were able to apprehend the second suspect in the rear of New York Pizza. The victim stated one of the suspects asked him for a dollar and he gave it to him. The victim was later approached and was asked for another dollar, which the victim replied I don’t have any, more money. The suspects followed the victim and stopped him once again. The victim gave the suspects five more dollars in attempt that they would leave him alone. The victim stated when he went to pull out the money he pulled out his cell phone and the suspects took it and walked away. The victim was able to positively identify the two suspects that robbed him. Juan Maldonado, 19, of Roxbury and a 16 year-old juvenile male were arrested and charged with Buying, Receiving or Concealing Stolen Goods. Officers were able to recover the victim’s money and cell phone from the suspects.
Walking Beat Officer Makes a Shoplifting Arrest
Last night around 7:00pm, Officers from District 4 on a walking beat received a call for a shoplifter at 176 Newbury Street. On arrival officers observed the suspect standing in the front of the store near a rack of clothing. Upon seeing the officers the suspect turned quickly towards the back of the store away from officers. As the officers approached the suspect, he fled to the back of the store discarding a blue sweater which was removed from inside his pants. After a brief struggle officers were able to arrest 45 year-old Aaron Williams of Boston charging him with Shoplifting.
Public Drinking Ends in Drug Arrest
Last night around 10:14pm, members of the Tactical Bike Unit were on patrol in the area of Westville and Draper Streets and observed a suspect along with three other individual drinking from a bottle of Red Stripe Beer. Officers conducted a threshold inquiry on all parties and discovered one to be in possession of a marijuana pipe. Michael Seltzer, 26, of Dorchester was arrested and charged with Possession of Class D and Public Drinking. Officers did recover drugs from the suspect.
South Boston Business Burglarized
This morning around 5:41am, officers in District 6 responded to a radio call for a commercial alarm at 601 E Broadway Street (Wild Plum Store). On arrival officers observed the front door glass smashed. Upon entering officers observed the store’s cash draw on the floor. Undetermined amount of cash and a laptop computer was taken. Officers did recover a crowbar at the scene.

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