Boston 24: A look at the last 24 hours in the City of Boston.

Significant incidents reported to the BPD, from Wednesday, December 20, thru 10 AM Thursday, December 21, 2006.(See our Daily Incident summaries and earlier postings for more detailed descriptions of some of the incidents identified below)
Homicides: 0
Non-fatal Shootings: 0
Non-fatal Stabbings: 3
Street Robberies: 5
Commercial Robberies: 0
Other: 1
home invasion.
Vehicle thefts: 4.
One arrest.
Vehicle recoveries. 9
Larceny from motor Vehicles (motor-vehicle breaks): 11.
Residential break-ins: 10.
one arrest.
Commercial Break-ins: 3

Note: the information above is preliminary information, and should not be considered official crime statistics. The information is based on an initial review of incident reports and may not be a comprehensive listing of events. It is not a statistical analysis, but rather an initial tally of significant events. Some of the incidents included may be covered in more detail in other blog postings.

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