Boston Police Seeking Victim Identification in Causeway Street Death Investigation

The attached article appeared in today\’s Boston Globe relative to a prior posting from BPDNews.comNOTE: This is a repost of an earlier entry from on September 19, 2006
On June 2, 2006, officers responded to a call for a found body on Causeway Street, across from Banknorth Garden. The deceased is presumed to be homeless and was possibly living in that area. This is not a homicide. At this time, Boston Police are seeking public assistance to identify the victim.
According to the Medical Examiner, the victim is reportedly a white male, estimated to be in his mid 30’s to mid 40’s, 5\’9\” tall, and a medium build. The victim also appeared to be missing his left front tooth.
At the time of his recovery, he was wearing blue jeans and a blue and white colored \”Boston Marathon 1995\” jacket.
The victim was tattooed. A PDF file is available showing the tattoos of the deceased. WARNING This file may be considered graphic by some viewers, as it contains actual photos of the tattoos. View the file.
Tattoos are described as follows:

  • Upper right chest is what appears to be a Viking, wearing a horned helmet and standing on a cloud. Beneath the Viking is the word \”Boston\”
  • Across abdomen is large, arching letters spelling \”Terminator\”. Centered directly beneath the word Terminator, is an additional design resembling a “joker” wearing a multi-pointed hat
  • On back, left shoulder, is a portrait of a woman\’s face
  • On left side of back, and diagonal to the portrait tattoo, is a green-colored dragon
  • Center of back, are several Asian letters running lengthwise along the spine.
  • Center of lower back is a second green-colored dragon.
  • Right arm is completely tattooed, from wrist to shoulder.
  • Inside of right leg, below the calf, but above the ankle is what appears to be a yin yang symbol.

Anyone with information that could assist us in identifying this man is encouraged to contact the Homicide Unit at 617-343-4470 or remain anonymous by calling the Crime Stoppers Unit at 800-494-TIPS.

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