Today the Brookline Police Department and the Boston Police Department are pleased to announce the arrest of 40-year-old Lee Hines of West Roxbury. Hines was arrested as a result of his connection to a series of recent armed robberies in Brookline as well as the West Roxbury, Roslindale and the South End area.Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis stated, “This arrest was the result of teamwork between the Boston Police Department and the Brookline Police Department. I would like to publicly thank officers from both agencies for their diligence, their hard work, and their follow-through. Because of their efforts, we have removed a dangerous armed criminal from our streets.”
Recently Brookline Police applied for and were granted an arrest warrant for Hines related to two armed robberies. Yesterday, Brookline Police and Boston Police District 5 detectives conducted surveillance on the suspect’s residence. The suspect was spotted and pursued. After a brief foot chase, officers apprehended Hines in the VA Hospital parking lot. Hines was arrested and transported to District 5 for booking. He was then transported to Brookline Police headquarters to face the charges related to Brookline. During the interview, Hines admitted his involvement in numerous armed robberies in the Boston and Brookline area.
In addition, Brookline and Boston detectives executed a search warrant at his residence located at 77 Keystone Street in West Roxbury. On scene, detectives recovered a loaded firearm and clothing associated with the robberies.
In the last several months, Boston experienced a series of commercial robbery incidents that appeared to be related. A black male suspect similarly described in appearance and motive targeted gas stations, convenience stores and coffee shops, all at gunpoint using a black handgun. The suspect was reported to cover his face with a mask or bandana, and has been known to order the clerks to the floor at gunpoint. In response to these incidents, area detectives organized a Robbery Task Force, increased patrols and conducted surveillance.
Boston Police believe that Lee Hines is responsible for the vast majority of the armed robberies.
Several Incidents Include:
·Brookline – On 12/4/06 @ 6:45 PM in Brookline a suspect described as a black male, 5 6” tall, wearing dark clothing, entered Cheryl Ann’s Bakery at 1010 West Roxbury Parkway, covering his face and brandishing a black handgun. Suspect threatened the employees and fled with cash. Officers were able to extract a fingerprint from evidence left at the scene.
·E5 –On 11/11/06 @ 7:20 PM, the Dunkin Donuts, located at 5305 Washington St., was robbed by a black male wearing all black clothing and a black face mask. The suspect entered the store and threatened the clerk with a black handgun. The suspect fled with cash from the register after he struck the victim on the back of the head with the handgun. The victim was transported to a local hospital and treated for a minor injury.
·E5 –On 11/13/06 @ 8:26 PM, a gas station, located at 1200 Centre St., was robbed by a black male wearing a gray sweat shirt and blue pants. The suspect showed a black handgun, assaulted the store clerk and demanded money. The suspect fled with cash from the register.
·E5 –On 10/04/06 @ 7:29 PM, a gas station, located at 145 Spring St., was robbed by a black male brandishing a black firearm. The suspect ordered the clerk to the floor and took money from the register.
·E5 –On 10/10/06 @ 8:15 PM, the Hess gas station, located at 5315 Washington St., was robbed by a black male wearing a “Halloween type” mask. The suspect threatened to shoot the clerk, ordered her to the floor, and took money from the register and safe deposit box.
The Boston Police would like to take this opportunity to remind individuals of important safety tips.
To reduce the risk of injury, COMPLY WITH THE ROBBER’S DEMANDS. Make a mental note of as much descriptive information as possible.
What to look for:
· Facial Features
· Clothing & Jewelry
· Skin, Hair & Eye Color
· Age, Height, Weight, Sex
· Scars, Tattoos, Marks
· Speech, Accents
Do Not Chase the Robber!
Observe & Remember:
· Direction of travel
· License plate number
· Type & Color of vehicle
· Type of Weapon displayed
·Do not keep large amounts of money in the register
·Be aware of suspicious individuals loitering around your business

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