Daily Incidents For October, 29, 2006

Person Stabbed at Ups and Downs BarThis morning around 1:01am, officers in District 11 responded to a radio call for a fight at 469 Neponset Avenue. On arrival officers began to disperse the large group in front the bar. When the crowd had thinned out officers went inside and spoke with the victim, who stated while dancing she was sliced with an unknown object. The victim sustained a small laceration to the arms and was transported to Carney Hospital for treatment. The suspect fled down the side door adjacent to the dance floor.
Partygoer Arrested for Vandalizing Motor Vehicles
This morning around 2:45am, officers in District 14 responded to a radio call for a large group vandalizing cars at 309 Summit Street. On arrival officers observed the suspect kick the drivers side mirror off a motor vehicle. The suspect continued walking and kicked off another mirror and attempted to damage two other vehicles. Leroy Cooper-Williams, 20, of Chestnut Hill was arrested and charged with Destruction or injury of Personal Property.
Breaking and Entering Suspect Arrested
This morning around 3:41am, officers in District 13 responded to a radio call for a breaking and entering at 171 Forest Street. On arrival officers observed the main entrance door open with a broken glass pane and glass pieces all over the floor. Officers spoke with the caller, who stated he heard a banging sound and the front door window smashing. The caller went on to state that the suspect was still inside and banging on the third floor door. Officers also heard banging sounds coming from the third floor. When confronted by officers the suspect attempted to run back up the stairs. Nicholas Heys, 19, of Jamaica Plain was arrested and charged with Unarmed Breaking and Entering.

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