Suspect Arrested in Off-Duty Officer’s Car Officers responded to a report of an officer in trouble yesterday around 5:18am to find that the officer had a suspect in custody. The off-duty officer reported that he had come out of his house and was making his way to his car when he observed the suspect seated in the driver’s seat of his car. The suspect was detained by the victim/officer and placed under arrest by responding officers. The suspect, Jesse Chaison, 19, of South Boston, was arrested and charged with Breaking and Entering of a Motor Vehicle.
Suspect Arrested with Gun During \”Routine Stop\”
Yesterday morning around 10:24am, officers from District 3 on patrol observed an individual matching the description of a suspect wanted on outstanding warrants. Officers affected a stop of this individual and attempted to ascertain his identity. The individual gave officers false information regarding his identity and continued to make furtive movements and had a nervous demeanor as officers engaged him in conversation. Based on the subject’s movements, and responses officers conducted a pat frisk for their safety and discovered the subject to be in possession of a loaded firearm. The suspect, Jamal Martin, 18, of Dorchester, was arrested and charged with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm and Ammunition, Assault and Battery on a Police Officer (for striking officers after the gun was found on his person in an attempt to escape) and an outstanding warrant for Assault and Battery.
OUI Suspect Requests Officers Take Him to Jail
Officers from District 7 on patrol yesterday around 7:43pm observed a motor vehicle in Day Square in East Boston strike several cars and fail to stop. Officers further observed the car to be weaving and operating with no headlights. Officers activated lights and sirens in an attempt to stop the car and as the car pulled over the operator quickly exited the car and stumbled out. Officers conversed with the suspect and he stated that he had been drinking all day and that he wanted to be taken to jail because he was drunk. The suspect had a strong odor of alcohol about him, bloodshot eyes, was drooling and had to be assisted with standing by officers. The suspect, Rafael O. Ayala, 23, of East Boston, was arrested and charged with OUI-Alcohol, and a number of other Violations of the Auto Law.
Tow Lot Taken for Cash by Armed Suspects
Today at 1:04am officers from District 11 responded to 8 Freeport Way in Dorchester/Roadrunner Auto Services for a report of a report of a robbery in progress. On arrival, officers located the victim of the robbery bound on the floor. The victim reported to officers that two suspects entered the business with their faces hidden, displayed a firearm and struck him in the back of the head. Per victim, he was shoved to the ground and the suspects proceeded to rob the business of an undetermined amount of money after they took the money he had in his pocket. The suspects fled the area prior to police arrival and are still at large.

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